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Move up the Value Chain and Restore Business Growth With Digital Health Solutions

Digital Transformation in MedTech

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Getting Digital Health Solutions to Market Quickly and Efficiently

Hospitals and healthcare systems around the world are investing in intelligent devices and digital health solutions to increase clinician productivity, improve patient outcomes, and boost business performance. Next-generation remote patient monitoring solutions, smart sensors, intelligent therapeutic devices, and smart hospital systems will help healthcare organizations improve treatments and diagnostics, reduce expenses and errors, and boost patient health, safety, and satisfaction.

Forward-looking MedTech companies enhance and expand their product portfolios via digital health initiatives, to increase differentiation and tap into the growing digital health market. By gathering and analyzing raw medical-device data, companies can deliver innovative digital health solutions – either extensions to existing device systems or as stand-alone products – to provide meaningful and actionable insights for customers, and drive the next wave of business growth.

Digital health is the future of healthcare, and its momentum is growing. You know your company can’t afford to be left behind. But budgets are tight, you have existing products to maintain and enhance, and hiring and retaining engineering talent is more challenging than ever. Developing a new generation of intelligent devices and smart applications that meet stringent healthcare performance, resiliency, and security requirements can be a complex undertaking. Resolving multivendor interoperability issues, aggregating and analyzing massive datasets, and protecting data privacy is no easy matter. It takes time, resources, and know-how.

Choosing the Right Technology Partner is Key

How do you move up the value chain in an efficient and scalable manner? How do you get new products to market in a timely fashion? How do you overcome complicated application development, integration, and deployment challenges? The answer to all these questions lies in selecting the right technology and the right technology partner.

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The Right Technology

A comprehensive digital health platform provides fundamental tools and services for developing and delivering digital health solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The right digital health platform can help you:

  • Meet stringent performance and resiliency demands – reliably collect, aggregate, process, transform, and analyze large healthcare datasets at scale to support ML and AI and other advanced applications
  • Resolve complex interoperability issues such as:
    • Data transformations between different clinical messaging formats (HL7® FHIR®, HL7® V2, C-CDA)
    • Connecting with non-healthcare IoT interfaces (SOAP, REST, MQTT)
  • Defend against data loss and unauthorized access – implement strong identity security controls and encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-motion
  • Expand beyond device data – analyze and act upon data from a variety of sources (EHRs, wearables, applications) to unleash innovation and increase competitive differentiation
  • Keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements and government regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)
  • Deploy these capabilities as cloud-based services or platform-as-a-service, to accomplish the early-stage groundwork for advanced digital health solutions
Cloud and PaaS Models Accelerate Time-to-Value
Many digital health platform vendors support multiple deployment models including cloud and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) options. By deploying a digital health platform in a public cloud, you can avoid capital equipment expenses, reduce ongoing IT operations expense and complexity, accelerate time-to-market, and take full advantage of cloud agility and scalability.

A digital health platform-as-a-service offering is a cloud-based digital health platform that is owned and operated by the platform provider. With the PaaS approach, the platform provider provisions and administers the underlying cloud compute, storage, and networking infrastructure on your behalf, and installs and manages your digital health platform instance for ultimate operational simplicity.

Cloud and PaaS deployment models can help you accelerate the pace of business and free up internal resources to focus innovation.

The Right Technology Partner

When evaluating a digital health platform, picking the right technology partner is just as important as picking the right technology. Look for a partner that has:

  • Experience across the entire healthcare technology spectrum including hospitals and healthcare systems, health information exchanges, government entities, MedTech companies, and diagnostic systems providers
  • An ecosystem of skilled technology and implementation partners to help you overcome development, integration, and deployment challenges
  • A proven track record helping MedTech companies simplify product development and accelerate time-to market
  • A commitment to supporting innovators with acceleration programs, market development opportunities, and venture funds for startups and early-stage companies
  • A versatile platform that can be deployed on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or as a PaaS running in a public or private cloud


Connected devices and digital health solutions can help MedTech companies rejuvenate revenues and revive margins. The right digital health platform can help your company overcome development and deployment challenges and accelerate business results. Look for a field-proven platform that is built and supported by healthcare industry experts, supports a variety of deployment models, and provides high availability, performance, and security.

The right digital health platform can help you:

  • Get the right digital health products and services to market, at the right time
  • Move up the value chain and improve your competitive position with unique and compelling products
  • Generate recurring revenue streams with value-added services that monetize the data your devices collect
InterSystems has the Products, Expertise, and Partners
you Need to Succeed
InterSystems has the technology, expertise, and proven track record to help you get new digital health solutions to market quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Our enterprise-class digital health platforms provide comprehensive functionality; high performance, scalability, and reliability; and the fundamental security capabilities your applications demand. Our subject matter experts and business partners can help you overcome the most complex implementation issues and development challenges.

A leader in interoperability, InterSystems has significant experience interfacing different healthcare technologies. We can help you break down integration barriers, stay ahead of evolving regulations, and accelerate digital health application development and delivery tasks.

With InterSystems you can build and run applications, and manage data on premises or in the cloud, using a common framework and uniform tools. By reusing knowledge, technology, and code across projects and customers, you can accelerate time-to-market, contain software development and maintenance expenses, and optimize product margins and ROI. Our managed service offerings can help you avoid IT infrastructure cost and complexity, and speed up time-to-value even further.

Next Steps

Contact InterSystems today to get started. Our experts can help you identify immediate digital health business opportunities and achieve quick wins. We can also help you develop a long-term plan to steadily improve your competitive differentiation over time. Our digital health platforms are flexible and extensible, so you can take advantage of additional capabilities and roll out new product features on your own terms.

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