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InterSystems 5 Minute Spotlight: Driving Customer Success with Analytics

Financial Center First Credit Union

A conversation with Joe Lichtenberg, Global Head of Product at InterSystems and Cam Minges, President FCFCU

Financial Center First Credit Union

Joe and Cam talk about how using analytics, FCFCU was able to build stronger member relationship during Covid-19. As one of the leading credit unions in the country, InterSystems long-time customer, Financial Center First Credit Union was determined to provide members with financial peace of mind and ensure those in need would have access to funds as part of its “We Care” campaign. Relying on InterSystems data platform technology for predictive analytics, they were able to identify members most in need of support and reach out to them at the right time and place.  The investment has paid off with one of the most successful years ever at FCFCU.


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