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Advisory: ODS Audit Aggregation may Fail when Sending Audit Data to Audit Repository

This problem affects the following products:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record  ̶  This may occur in “mixed-version” deployments of Unified Care Record when the Registry or Audit Repository is on an older version (likely 2019.1) and the ODS has been upgraded to a newer version such as 2021.2.

The issue is triggered by a backward incompatibility in Audit Aggregation between different versions of Unified Care Record. The impact of the issue is that instances that are not on the same version as the Audit Repository may not be sending audit data to the Repository successfully.
If an instance is impacted by this issue, the queue of audit aggregation data will continue to build indefinitely until the issue is resolved. Specifically, the ^HS.AuditQueueSendErr global in the HSSYS namespace will continue to grow until the issue is resolved. An administrator can check whether or not their instance is failing to send audit data to the repository by checking the Task History of the following two tasks on the potentially affected instance:

  • ATNA HealthShare Event Aggregation Task
  • ATNA IRIS Event Aggregation Task

In addition, Audit Information related to patient queries, patient fetches, etc. will not be available for query on the Audit Repository.
Until the instance on the newer version is patched with HSIEO-6079, these tasks will continue to fail, and the ^HS.AuditQueueSendErr global in the HSSYS namespace will continue to grow.

Special Note: A small fraction of customers may have already requested ad hoc corrections with specific bug fixes or enhancements related to Audit Aggregation (for example, HSIEO-5985, HSIEO-2594, HSIEO-3336, HSIEO-4667, or HSIEO-3841). The application of HSIEO-6079 to the higher-versioned instance of ODS will not affect these customers negatively.

To resolve this issue, please request an adhoc patch for HSIEO-6079 from the Worldwide Response Center (WRC).