5 days, $2800/student

This five day course teaches developers and business intelligence users how to embed real-time business intelligence capabilities in their applications. The course presents the basics of building data models from transactional data using the DeepSee architect, exploring those models and building pivot tables and charts using the DeepSee analyzer, as well as creating dashboards for presenting pivot tables, meters, and other interactive widgets. The course also covers securing DeepSee models, tools, and elements (dashboards, pivot tables, etc.) using the Caché security infrastructure. Finally, the course presents topics such as customizing the DeepSee user portal, querying a DeepSee model programmatically as well as from the DeepSee shell, and importing and exporting DeepSee dashboards and pivot tables.

This course is applicable for users of Embedded Technologies.


No prior DeepSee or business intelligence experience is required.

Online courses that will help you familiarize yourself with material covered in class but are not required include:

  • Overview
    • Active Analytics
    • DeepSee Architecture and Tools
  • Pivot Tables
    • Orientation to Analyzer
    • Creating Pivot Tables
    • Using Detail Listings
    • Adding simple and complex filters
    • Using conditional formatting
  • Dashboards
    • Types of Dashboards
    • Orientation to User Portal
    • Creating a Dashboard
      • Adding Table and chart Widgets
      • Adding dashboard filters and actions
      • Adding Scorecard Widgets
  • Models
    • Defining Cubes
      • Dimensions
      • Measures
      • Detail listings
      • Cube relationships
      • Cube inheritance
    • Subject Areas
      • Filtering: Static and Dynamic
      • Overriding dimensions
  • Building and Synchronizing Cubes
  • iKnow Introduction
    • Analyzing Unstructured Data
    • iKnow Semantic Analysis
    • iKnow Queries
    • Matching Dictionaries
    • Classic NLP vs. iKnow
    • iKnow Architecture
  • iKnow and DeepSee
    • iKnow Measures and Dimensions
    • iKnow Summaries
    • iKnow Report
  • KPIs
    • Building and testing a KPI
    • Using KPIs with various widgets
    • Defining filtering options
    • Defining custom actions
  • Security
    • Caché Security Review
    • Securing DeepSee tools
    • Securing DeepSee elements (dashboards, pivot tables, etc.)
  • Additional Features
    • %DeepSee.ResultSet API
    • DeepSee Shell
    • Caching and Query Analysis
    • Exporting and Importing DeepSee Elements

Courses are held at our corporate office located at:

One Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
8th floor

Please check in at our reception desk after 8:30am with a picture ID.

Classes begin at 9am and run until 5pm.

A continental breakfast will be provided.

InterSystems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. We will usually cancel a class if there are fewer than five registrants. In the event of cancellation by InterSystems, we will refund any payment made for the canceled course.

Tuition is fully refundable if a registrant notifies InterSystems at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. For cancellation received afterward, we will provide a credit toward a future class.