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Building a Responsive, Reliable, and Ready Organization For Your Clients Matters

Simba Works With InterSystems Data Platform to Bring Essential Precision, Performance, and Innovation to Their Accounting Software

Simba is a German company providing software systems for 4,500 accounting firms, accounting departments, and tax consultancies. And while providing dependable, high-performing solutions for their clients is always top of mind, maintaining accuracy is essential. Additionally, Simba goes the extra mile for their clients, anticipating future requirements and providing new capabilities to both existing and new customers.

That’s why 25 years ago, Simba chose InterSystems as a partner to increase speed, revenue, and productivity not only for their clients, but for the organization’s internal workflows. Simba is maintains the latest releases without any disruption, and revenue and profits have doubled. As a software vendor that depends on platform technology, Simba’s relationship with InterSystems has special importance, and requires around-the-clock support that InterSystems never fails to provide.

In the fast-paced world of taxes and accounting, InterSystems has helped Simba fulfill their promise of total reliability, satisfy each and every customer’s unique requirements, and remain ever-ready for whatever the future brings.

“Using Caché has been one of the secrets of Simba’s success. It’s hard to get this degree of speed and reliability in any other system.”

Michael Brhel
CEO, Simba Software

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