Business Needs Should Drive Deployment Decisions

Your decision about how to deploy your solutions should be based on business considerations – not technology constraints. Whether you want to install applications at user sites, host your applications in a public (or private) cloud, provide software-as-a-service (with data stored on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture,) we are committed to making the task as simple as possible.

InterSystems Cloud Manager

InterSystems Cloud Manager is our tool for provisioning and deploying applications based on our products in the cloud. From one definition file, you can establish and provision all the resources (compute, storage, network, etc.) your application requires. You can also easily deploy and configure applications based on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

One benefit of InterSystems Cloud Manager is that it is cloud-agnostic. You can use InterSystems Cloud Manager to deploy on:

Read more about InterSystems IRIS Data Platform Flexible Cloud Deployment Options.


The use of containers is what enables InterSystems Cloud Manager to simplify the process of cloud deployment.

A container is a lightweight wrapper around a software solution and everything needed to run it. All software dependencies (code, systems libraries, version specific dependencies, etc.) are satisfied during the build phase of the container image. Containers are immutable – they do not change their behavior regardless of the environment they run in.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform comes with a pre-built Docker container that you can use to quickly deploy your applications in any environment, including clouds from all the major providers.

Another advantage to using containers is that they support a DevOps approach to building your applications. A container will always behave consistently, whether in a development environment, a testing environment, or a production environment. Eliminating potential inconsistencies between environments makes it easier to iteratively test and improve applications without breaking something else in the process.

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