Create a High-Value, Sustainable Health System with InterSystems Healthcare Technology and Solutions

InterSystems’ advanced software empowers providers, payers, governments, medical technology innovators, software developers, clinical laboratories, and life sciences companies to deliver what matters.

Addressing Global Healthcare Challenges

Aging populations, more complex care requirements, rising expectations of service by healthcare consumers, and limited resources. These challenges threaten the long-term sustainability of healthcare organizations everywhere.

InterSystems software solutions help you meet these challenges by transforming care processes for:

  • Moving to value-based care. Drive measurably better outcomes through cost-effective care based on comprehensive shared records.
  • Managing population health. Eliminate gaps in care, manage chronic conditions, and improve the overall health status of populations with standardized care personalized for each patient.
  • Engaging patients. Empower patient health and well-being with access to complete health records, convenience services, educational materials, and information sharing for themselves and those whose care they manage.
  • Service redesign. Create alliances, share information, and optimize workflows to drive care out into the community, with a focus on prevention and reducing the need for acute care.

The Foundation of Success

The vision behind our products is simple:
Empower care providers and connect care communities around clearly presented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive health information.

InterSystems’ connected health solutions enable you to deliver higher-value, more sustainable care.

  • Use TrakCare, the world’s most proven EMR system, to deliver world-class care within your organization.
  • Use the HealthShare family of connected health products for personalized population health management, analytics, health information exchange, and interoperability.
  • Use InterSystems IRIS for Health to create applications that work with HealthShare products and other standards-based solutions.

Power, From the Bottom Up

Our revolutionary data platform is at the core of every InterSystems healthcare solution. It combines high-performance, highly reliable, and massively scalable data management, interoperability, analytics, and rapid application development capabilities.