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As of 5 July 2011

It is InterSystems policy and procedure to verify and release InterSystems’ products against operating systems (e.g. AIX, Microsoft Windows, RedHat Linux, etc.) and processor types, and not computers (server, workstation, etc.) of various vendors. We consider virtualization software (e.g. Hyper-V, Parallels, VMware, etc.) to be in the same category as a computer.

InterSystems’ products released for an operating system are supported if the operating system is used within such a computer.

InterSystems has determined in benchmark and customer testing that virtualization environments running Caché, Ensemble, or HealthShare have different resource utilization than native installations on the same hardware. However, using recent CPUs and current virtualization software, there is rarely an observable performance penalty.

InterSystems recommends that any customers contemplating a deployment into such a platform conduct application specific testing to ascertain what, if any, response time impact will be noticed by users.