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Caché ODBC Driver FAQ

By default, Caché performs a full ODBC installation with a standard installation. InterSystems also provides a simple stand-alone installer for Caché ODBC.  Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the stand-alone drivers.

Where can I find the ODBC stand-alone drivers for Caché?

ODBC clients kits can be download from 2 places:

Do I need a username and password access to download the driver?

You need a user name and password for the WRC Direct application.
If you do not have an account please contact InterSystems support at +1.617.621.0700 or support@InterSystems.com

The ftp server is open to the public.

When I install, there are two drivers (CacheODBC and CacheODBC35). What does this mean?

When you do the install, there are 2 drivers – CacheODBC and CacheODBC35. These support different levels of the ODBC standard. The first support version 2.5 and the second support version 3.5. The ODBC driver Manager will convert 3.5 requests to the older 2.5 automatically, so in most cases you can use either driver.

My client application is 32-bit but the Operating System is 64-bit. What ODBC driver should I use?

Use the 32-bit ODBC driver. The ODBC Client Driver’s bit-ness needs to match the bit-ness of the client application that will load it.

I am running an older version of Caché (5.0.11). Can I use the latest driver?

No. Generally ODBC clients are backwards compatible. However if you are connecting to a server running Caché 5.0.12 or older then the newest client you can use is Caché 5.2.0.

My server is running Caché 2010.2.6. Can I use the latest driver?

Yes. Generally ODBC clients are backwards compatible. However, if you are using the ODBC Client against an application from a Reseller, please check with them first to discover on what client versions they have tested and approve for their application.

What UNIX ODBC Driver Managers do InterSystems support?

InterSystems supports the iODBC driver manager (for use with the Unicode and 8–bit ODBC APIs) and the unixODBC driver manager (for use with the 8–bit ODBC API).

I created a DSN on my 64-bit Windows system but I can see it from my App, what happened?

A 64-bit windows machine has 2 driver managers, 1 for 64-bit applications and one for 32-bit applications. You need to use the driver manager that matches your application.

64-bit version: C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe

32-bit version: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe