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Узнайте о продуктах и решениях InterSystems, возможностях карьерного роста и многом другом. Результаты включают в себя контент из нашего сообщества разработчиков, документацию по продуктам и образовательные веб-сайты в дополнение к

Smart Data Fabrics for Supply Chain Infographic

Smart Data Fabric

As enterprise data grows in volume and complexity, solutions have evolved to provide you with real-time supply chain orchestration

Learn how a smart data fabric can enable end-to-end visibility, data driven insights, end-to-end predictive and prescriptive orchestration, and ultimately, end-to-end aligned decision making within your supply chain business

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator is a next generation data platform for implementing a smart data fabric architecture to allow your organization to achieve supply chain operational excellence.

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