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InterSystems IRIS named "Exemplary," Top Ranking in the 2023 Value Index for Data Platforms Report by Ventana Research

Ventana Research

InterSystems outscores Microsoft, SAP, AWS, and Google in overall ranking, according to new analyst report

Ventana research Value Index - Data Platforms 2023

The Ventana Research 2023 Value Index for Data Platforms provides an independent, holistic view of 13 vendors’ ability to serve a combination of both operational and analytic workloads with either a single data platform product or multiple data platform products. In the report, InterSystems IRIS ranks third overall, and second in the Product Experience, Usability, and Adaptability categories, earning an “Exemplary” designation.

Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research said, “As a cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS can reduce the need to implement and integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, fewer system resources, and less maintenance. I recommend that organizations that are migrating to the cloud and are looking for a platform to provide a consistent, accurate and real-time view of their enterprise data should evaluate InterSystems.”

InterSystems success reflects its ability to provide native analytic and operational capabilities in a single product. The next-generation InterSystems IRIS data platform provides built-in high performance database management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities, and eliminates the need to copy data from an operational to a separate analytic database.

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Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director
Ventana Research
Ventana Research’s 2023 Value Index for Data Platforms
Ventana Research’s 2023 Value Index for Data Platforms