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Indexing the Future: Cloud and Gen AI Advancements that Efficiently Store, Manage and Extract Insights from Data

June 11, 2024 | By Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms

It’s that time again; the InterSystems community has gathered in National Harbor, Md. for our annual InterSystems Global Summit. This marks my fifth Global Summit with InterSystems, and it's amazing to see how far we’ve come in those five years. One topic that is sure to attract a lot of buzz at Global Summit 2024 will no doubt be our generative AI enhancements for the InterSystems IRIS data platform and our two new low-code product offerings, ensuring that customers new and old can stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of data management and AI.

If I can leave you with one takeaway from my keynote: The future of data management is AI-driven.

We will be demonstrating new cloud-based service offerings that serve as building blocks for our customers to integrate AI into their technology stack. From the new ways to access data through natural language and how to bring AI processes to data instead of pushing data beyond the firewall, these capabilities are all available in the InterSystems IRIS data platform today. We will also preview customized AI co-pilots for the InterSystems Data Fabric Studio, a cutting-edge experiment utilizing AI for data transformation, and an expansion of our vector search capabilities into SQL databases.

These advancements demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge cloud- and AI-based solutions that enhance data management, integration, and analytics capabilities for our customers.

Expanding generative AI capabilities in InterSystems IRIS data platform

Vector-enabled SQL Databases as a Service
Building on our recent launch of vector search, we’re pleased to introduce vector-enabled SQL databases as a service. This new feature allows users to bridge the gap between structured and unstructured data by enabling efficient storage and retrieval of high-dimensional vectors. Developers familiar with SQL can leverage their knowledge for vector search queries with these new functionalities while keeping data structured within their SQL database. Vector search within SQL databases is an essential capability when optimizing GenAI applications. It enhances the capabilities of LLMs, provides an ideal balance between convenience and vector performance, and allows for efficient and fast retrieval of similar data points from across an array of unstructured data. This feature is available now for all InterSystems IRIS data platform customers.

Data Transformation Language (DTL) Generation with AI
We’re excited to preview a powerful new AI co-pilot for DTL generation within the InterSystems IRIS data platform. This co-pilot can help to reduce errors in data transformation, ensure consistent data handling across various data sources and formats, and provide a flexible, future-proof solution adaptable to evolving data management needs and technologies. The scalable nature of AI-driven DTL generation will enable the InterSystems IRIS data platform to handle larger datasets and more complex transformations through transforming raw, unstructured data into structured formats suitable for analysis and processing. By allowing visual creation and editing of data transformations without the need for complex code, the co-pilot will be able to streamline the development process and accelerate time-to-market for data integration projects.

This capability is currently in development and expected to be available by the end of 2024.

Introducing New Cloud-Based Offerings and Enhancements for Complex Data Management Needs 
This year, we are excited to introduce cloud-based and low-code products and enhancements designed to improve the reliability, consistency, and integrity of data for industries with complex data management needs and advanced analytics requirements. These offerings bring significant benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness, enabling healthcare providers, financial services firms, large enterprises, research institutions, and government agencies to optimize their operations and improve outcomes.

  • InterSystems Cloud Document Database as a Service - InterSystems Cloud Document Database as a Service is a fully managed NoSQL database service that stores information in a flexible, “human-readable” document format. This approach allows for scalable and adaptable data storage solutions by bringing the processing of data closer to the source, reducing latency and enhancing the performance of applications, which is vital for real-time data processing and analytics. Document databases support flexible indexing and richer analytics, ensuring consistent and reliable data management. This service offers advantages like scalability and flexibility when storing unstructured or semi-structured data, enabling flexible indexing and richer analytics with greater data consistency and integrity; all of which are essential to developing RAG applications.
  • InterSystems Data Fabric Studio - InterSystems Data Fabric Studio offers a low-code framework to enable financial services firms to connect data across silos quickly and easily in a controlled and secure environment. InterSystems Data Fabric Studio offers a fundamentally different approach to unifying data through connecting to data at the source, then simultaneously integrating and transforming data while automating operations and enabling analytical capabilities, all in a single platform. We built this to integrate with existing data infrastructure to democratize access across any firm within a controlled, auditable environment. The user-friendly interface allows stakeholders from various business units to leverage accurate and timely data to make mission-critical decisions.
  • Redesigned User Interface for HealthConnect Cloud – The redesigned user interface of HealthConnect Cloud aims to transform and improve healthcare workflows through communication between distributed health systems by integrating millions of messages generated by complex health networks. The streamlined interface allows non-developers to build and test connections directly from the cloud UI, simplifying the management of health system integrations. Additionally, automated updates via the cloud UI promote efficient collaboration across cross-functional teams, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Global Summit 2024 Keynote Replays Available

All keynote presentations from the Global Summit 2024 are now available on our website. Access updates, product roadmaps, and expert insights at your convenience using this link.

InterSystems Global Summit 2024 is an annual gathering where industry leaders, C-level executives, subject matter experts, and developers converge to share insights and engage with the latest technology advancements across healthcare, data management, supply chain and finance.

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