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HealthShare Patient Index - Virtual

HealthShare, MPI

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3 days, $1,860/student

    This 3-day course teaches the installation, configuration, and use of HealthShare Patient Index. Day one focuses on patient identification issues, and the tools that can be used for reviewing records identified by the system for human attention. This session is appropriate for both technical staff and administrative staff who manage patient identification issues. Day two starts with installation, and in the course of two days moves through the initial configuration of a system, the process for onboarding additional data sources, data flow, and utility programs.
    This course is applicable for users of HealthShare Patient Index.


    General knowledge of the HealthShare Patient Index product functions.

    See the “Achieving Prerequisites” section below if you do not fulfill these requirements.

    Achieving Prerequisites

    Prerequisite knowledge can be acquired by completing the following online course:

    Course Agenda


    • Problem Definition
    • Worklist Basics
    • Worklist Alternate Views
    • Best Practices
    System Setup

    • Installation and Configuration
    • Data Source Onboarding Process
    • Data Flow
    • Patient Index Utility Programs

    Cancellation Policy

    InterSystems reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. We will usually cancel a class if there are fewer than five registrants. In the event of cancellation by InterSystems, we will refund any payment made for the canceled course.

    Tuition is fully refundable if a registrant notifies InterSystems at least 10 business days prior to the announced start date. For cancellation received afterward, we will provide a credit toward a future class.


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