Bringing the Healthcare Community Together Matters

Better Health, Lower Costs
For the people of Rhode Island, it matters that Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) used InterSystems HealthShare to create CurrentCare, Rhode Island’s health information exchange.

CurrentCare puts the patient at the center of care by aggregating all of the patient’s health data, from all providers across the state, into a single view for clinicians, payers, patients, and researchers.

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"We Are Trying to Save Lives” – Laura Adams

Laura Adams, RIQI President & CEO, explains how CurrentCare benefits healthcare communities in Rhode Island.

Health Information Exchange: Moving Beyond Interoperability to Indispensability

The constantly updated data in CurrentCare, and the services that RIQI has built on top of it:

  • Keeps citizens out of the hospital resulting in a 20% drop in the 30-day hospital readmission rate
  • Saves the state and healthcare providers an average of $12,515 per avoided readmission
  • Improves the quality and coordination of care with real-time alerts for providers when their patients visit the emergency room, or are admitted or discharged from a hospital
  • Speeds life-saving decisions in the emergency room by automatically showing clinicians the patient’s opioid overdose history and admissions at other facilities

“When I think about the possibilities of what we’ve done with InterSystems, this partnership has just been incredible. It’s gone beyond the vision I had 10 years ago for this sort of thing… It’s exceeded expectations.”

Laura Adams
President & CEO Rhode Island Quality Institute