Over $3B in costs are incurred by provider and payer organizations annually as a result of poor or incorrect provider data. With approximately 25% of providers’ data changing every year, failure to keep up with the changes leads to operational inefficiency, revenue collection problems, regulatory issues, and patient dissatisfaction. Watch this webinar to find out how automating the collection, consolidation, and publication of accurate provider information can be made easier. It will provide ideas as to how your organization can create and maintain a single source of truth for all your provider information. You will learn:

  • Why it’s so challenging keeping provider information up to date
  • How providers, insurers, and patients benefit from a single source of truth for provider information
  • How a provider directory manages the lifecycle of key provider data, leading to operational and financial benefits for both providers insurers


Lynda Rowe, Sr. Advisor, Value Based Markets, InterSystems
Jessica Jowdy, Field Engineer, InterSystems

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