The open FHIR® standard is providing new avenues to build and deploy applications and services that draw on relevant clinical data. In addition to powering patient facing applications like Apple Health and provider facing applications that can run embedded within leading EHRs, the standard is being extended to support clinical decision support services and the exchange of population data to drive clinical analytics. In this session, we’ll explore the FHIR standard itself, how it’s currently being used to improve data interoperability in healthcare, and the impact it may have in the future.

This webinar will provide a primer on new healthcare interoperability technology that is currently being rolled out across hundreds of healthcare providers and is supported by leading organizations including CMS, Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Apple, and InterSystems.

-Russell B. Leftwich, MD, Senior Clinical Advisor, Interoperability, InterSystems
-Dan Gottlieb, Product Specialist, InterSystems
-Laura Heermann Langford, PhD, RN, Nurse Informaticist, Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research, Intermountain Healthcare; COO, Healthcare Services Platform Consortium

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