Using InterSystems IRIS to Enable Smarter Public Safety

Public Safety Challenge

Using InterSystems IRIS to Enable Smarter Public Safety - Solution Sheet

People who work in the public safety sector need to make good decisions. The choices that those involved with law enforcement, emergency response, criminal justice, etc., make every day may have profound and far-reaching implications for individuals, and even for society as a whole. Enabling public safety workers to make better decisions can result in more lives saved, fewer miscarriages of justice, and safer communities.

Giving public safety workers complete and accurate information in real time is an important factor in enabling good decision making. They need — and deserve — applications that:

  • Collect all relevant data from multiple sources and organizations
  • Deliver that data in real time and in an easily digestible form
  • Are easy to learn and operate, because the best application in the world will be an utter failure unless it is actually used
  • Work reliably, even under adverse conditions

In addition, the creators of applications for the public safety sector need to be able to agilely take advantage of new technologies and capabilities (such as wearable video cameras) as the situation warrants. They must also ensure data security and privacy.

Technology Challenge

Getting all the necessary data into the hands of public safety workers exactly when they need it and in an easily consumable form presents a significant technical challenge to application developers. They must combine and leverage a wide variety of technologies and skills:

  • Application Integration, for the ability to connect to, and pull information from, existing solutions, both inside and outside the organization or region
  • Federated Database Management, including relational, object, and NoSQL data
  • Real-time Analytics, of various forms of structured data, as well as semantic analysis of textual data
  • Business Process Management, to automate procedures and eliminate inefficiencies
  • UI Design, for the creation of intuitive, easy-to-use web, mobile, and desktop interfaces
  • End-to-End System Management, to ensure that solutions run securely and reliably

All too often, assembling these capabilities is extremely difficult and expensive, requiring the stitching together of multiple tools and applications.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ provides the interoperability, reliability, analytics, and security that public safety applications need, all in an intuitively useful and cost-effective platform.

Solution: InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

Using InterSystems IRIS to Enable Smarter Public Safety - Architecture DiagramInterSystems IRIS Data Platform is a single, unified environment for data management, integration, and analytics. It includes:


  • Adapter Library and a framework for building custom adapters
  • Enterprise Service Bus capabilities, including support for Web Services, JSON, SOAP, REST, etc.
  • Business Process Orchestration, including support for business rules and human workflow
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Persistent Message Repository, for guaranteed message delivery

Data Management

  • High-performance multi-model database
  • SQL access to all data models
  • Unique hybrid shared nothing/shared everything architecture for massive scalability

Development & Deployment

  • Open, standards-based development environment
  • Web-based system management, configuration, and provisioning
  • Role-based security
  • Support for deployment in the cloud


  • Simultaneous support for transactional (real-time) and analytical (batch) workloads
  • Semantic processing engine for deriving information from textual data
  • Real-time dashboards


With InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, public safety organizations can build easy-to-use solutions that provide workers with vital information in real time and enable them to make better decisions.


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Using InterSystems IRIS to Enable Smarter Public Safety

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