TrakCare Measure -Benefits Measurement Program

A Force for Transformation and Business Improvement

A new electronic medical record (EMR) system is a force for transformation and business improvement in any healthcare organization, underpinning care redesign, new care models, and process optimization. While EMR investments offer enormous benefits in areas such as patient outcome and experience, securing funding for an EMR typically requires a strong business case that also demonstrates financial benefits.

“What gets measured gets improved.” Peter Drucker, Management Consultant

In building your business case, it is important to identify the key areas of improvement that will support it, and to establish the benefits you expect and baseline measures for them. Once your EMR implementation is underway, it is critical to translate and extend that business case into a set of more detailed agreed-upon measurable benefits that you can track and communicate over time. This helps to validate your investment and to gain and maintain support from all stakeholders in the journey to full EMR benefits.

The TrakCare Measure program supports your organization through the EMR lifecycle — from pre-purchase and procurement, through implementation and post go-live benefits realization. It provides a framework, tools, and guidance to help you identify and measure key financial, operational, and quality-of-care improvements resulting from your EMR investment. The program incorporates the expertise we have gained and lessons we have learned from successful EMR deployments in 25 countries.

We are passionate about helping our customers maximize the value of their investment in our technology and we have leveraged our decades of experience to create programs around our tested tools and processes to help organizations implement connected care solutions. Our programs include:

Engage – to help prepare users for go-live
Measure – to identify and measure your expected benefits
Advance – to optimize usage after go-live

Continuous Improvement
Benefits realization has a beginning but does not have a defined end. It is a long-term, continuous process of envisioning outcomes, identifying key determinants of those outcomes, defining a path to achieve them, implementing changes, and then checking results and making dynamic adjustments to ensure that you achieve your desired outcomes.

TrakCare Measure supports the continuous improvement process, but like any ambitious program, it requires executive leadership and robust change management. We find that when the executive team fully supports a formal benefits measurement program and gives those responsible the authority and accountability to achieve results, EMR implementations are much more likely to have their desired impact.

The TrakCare Measure Journey

Build the Business Case
As you build your business case, our benefits calculator can help by identifying and validating typical cost savings associated with EMR investments. Inputs specific to your organization and EMR initiative include the following:

  • Annual income
  • Bed-days per patient
  • Drug expenditure
  • Range modeling against typical EMR benefits categories, such as:
    • Reduced average length of stay
    • Reduced inpatient readmissions
    • Increased clinical coding income
    • Staff redeployment benefits
    • A reduction in the number of questionnaires used in day-today processes
    • Decreased printing
  • Validation and adjustment of the calculation criteria as needed for each of the financial benefits modeled

The calculator identifies expected benefits based on what organizations similar to yours have already achieved. Working through this process with you, we can guide you in building your business case and laying the foundation for scoping your requirements.

Figure 1. In British Pounds, three scenarios for potential financial savings in a large, government health system. Forecasts for other healthcare organizations will vary.

Pre-implementation: Identify Benefits and Measurements
Early in your engagement with InterSystems, we work with you to gain a full understanding of your environment, the people and culture, your requirements, and risks. With this understanding, we can design the best solution for your needs.

As an integral part of this process, we help you identify the benefit measures that you intend to improve through your EMR investment and related process enhancements. Our proven library of specific, quantifiable, achievable, and timely measurements is an ideal starting point. We map your benefit targets to InterSystems functionality and offer guidance on how to collect the baseline data that will provide the foundation for measuring change.

InterSystems TrakCare can provide solutions to the key financial, clinical, operational, and quality challenges facing healthcare providers everywhere. These challenges are fueled by aging populations, the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and comorbidities, the development of costly clinical innovations, increasing levels of patient knowledge and expectations, and global economic uncertainty.

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Post-implementation: Measure Benefits
Once you go live, you can begin to take measurements to validate the outcomes of your investment. Some of these measurements can be tracked automatically within TrakCare, and others will require different methods. Some measures can show improvement within months of going live. Others require more time and tracking before progress can be assessed.

Benefits measures are unique to each organization, but typical measures include the following:

  • Reduction in patient waiting time
  • Reduction in average length of stay
  • Reduction in drug spend
  • Reduction in lab turnaround times
  • Reduction in no-shows
  • Reduction in adverse events
  • Reduction in transcription costs
  • Increase in theatre utilization rates

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We are passionate about helping our customers maximize the value of their investment in our technology and we have leveraged our decades of experience to create programs around our tested tools and processes to help organizations implement connected care solutions.