TrakCare Advance – Clinical Adoption Program

The Tools to Drive Clinical User Adoption

The more clinicians use an electronic medical record (EMR) system, the more comprehensive and rich it becomes for everyone. But achieving full clinical adoption is a journey, and you may encounter some challenges along the way. Clinicians might not be using the system as efficiently as possible or be aware of all of its capabilities.

The InterSystems TrakCare® Advance program is designed to identify the gaps between current and desired adoption levels and make your EMR system easier for clinicians to use. The program lets you take full advantage of the best-practice workflows and content that TrakCare has developed in 25 countries.

We are passionate about helping our customers maximize the value of their investment in our technology and we have leveraged our decades of experience to create programs around our tested tools and processes to help organizations implement connected care solutions. Our programs include:

Engage – to help prepare users for go-live
Measure – to identify and measure your expected benefits
Advance – to optimize usage after go-live

TrakCare Advance is based on a cycle of continuous quality improvement activities.

Going live with TrakCare® is just the first step in the journey toward realizing the benefits of an advanced EMR system.

It is designed for customers who have recently gone live with TrakCare and those preparing for an upgrade or accreditation.

The program incorporates a number of tools to help your organization measure and analyze its system use and to understand user perceptions, benchmark against other organizations, and uncover opportunities for improved use of the system. We work closely with you to understand your organizational goals and provide a pragmatic, actionable report to help you unlock additional value from your TrakCare investment.

TrakCare Advance - diagram of continuous improvement in user adoption and the user experience.
Figure 1. The cyclical nature of the TrakCare Advance program positions you to achieve continuous improvement in user adoption and the user experience.

Key Steps

Prebuilt dashboards automatically monitor and report on key performance areas. No patient or financial identifiers are collected, and you can preview the extracted data before it is loaded into the dashboards. Dashboards leverage the capabilities of TrakCare Analytics to provide insights into what the numbers mean.

We send an online survey to all users of your TrakCare system. Responses are anonymous, so people have the freedom to voice their true opinions. The survey covers TrakCare in general, as well as specific modules. You can review and amend survey statements before they are sent.

Set Goals
We schedule a brief site visit, during which we meet with small groups of users and observe their use of TrakCare to validate the information gleaned from the dashboards and survey.

Once we fully understand your current use of TrakCare, we use the TrakCare Maturity Model to help you benchmark your adoption levels against those of other TrakCare users and identify your medium- and long-term goals.

The TrakCare Maturity Model assesses adoption rates and proficiency of use in fundamental areas such as clinical documentation, computerized physician order entry, and specialty modules (e.g., Laboratory or Operating Theater) as well as more advanced functions such as Active Clinical Notes, flow sheets, and mobile.

The TrakCare Maturity Model stages are closely linked to the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) to help you prepare for an EMRAM assessment.

Before we issue a final report, we provide a list of “Quick Wins” — things that can be done quickly and locally to fix issues. Some of the most common quick wins are related to preference settings (order/diagnosis favorites, canned text, or worklists) or chart configurations.

A comprehensive report is produced after the quick wins are completed.

It includes:

  • All the information gathered
  • Analyses of the dashboards and online survey
  • The TrakCare Maturity Model benchmark
  • An issue list with appropriate solutions, and an indication of whether they can be achieved using your current TrakCare solution, or if they would require an upgrade or the implementation of new modules
  • An executive summary with an assessment against critical safety, efficiency, and usability domains
  • An action plan, indicating how you can achieve your stated short-term, midterm, and long-term goals for TrakCare adoption

It is up to you to decide how to implement your customized action plan. You can make the necessary changes yourself or you can partner with us for implementation services.

Our implementation teams can provide you with services such as:

  • Project management
  • Detailed planning
  • Hands-on consultation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Configuration
  • Technical services (reports and dashboards, etc.)
  • Training

After the action plan has been implemented, you can re-analyze your level of adoption using the dashboards and online survey to identify the progress you have made and prepare for another improvement cycle.

TrakCare Maturity Model

This model is based on an analysis of the customer’s usage of TrakCare. It is important to understand that moving from one tier to the next requires that end users make full use of the mandatory functionality within the previous tier and have achieved 80% usage. Eighty percent usage can be defined either as 80% of the users using a specific functionality (like the preferences) or 80% of the patients having a specific entry in their records (like allergies or orders, etc…). The differentiation will be based on the type of function.

The TrakCare Advance Journey

TrakCare Advance is designed to help you evaluate your current adoption level, identify your goals, and develop a concrete plan to achieve them. It is built with the understanding that your goals will evolve and you will continue to take advantage of new capabilities within TrakCare. That is why TrakCare Advance is cyclical in nature — you can repeat the process regularly and improve with each iteration.

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We are passionate about helping our customers maximize the value of their investment in our technology and we have leveraged our decades of experience to create programs around our tested tools and processes to help organizations implement connected care solutions.