St John of God Health Care

St John of God Pathology, Australia’s fourth largest pathology provider, has been a TrakCare® Lab customer for over a decade. With 23 laboratories and 135 collection centres throughout Western Australia and Victoria, St John of God Pathology services more than 1.5 million patients per year. They first implemented InterSystems TrakCare Lab to automate their business in Western Australia. After acquiring PathCare Consulting Pathologists in Victoria, St John of God replaced PathCare’s laboratory information management systems with TrakCare Lab to take advantage of advanced functionality across the business to support quality and efficiency targets, while achieving cost benefits from standardization of systems.

St John of God Pathology again turned to TrakCare Lab when it helped to give pathology services in East Timor a major boost by implementing a new, automated laboratory information system, replacing hand written diagnostic results in the country’s National Laboratory and National Hospital, Dili.

A key component of St John of God Pathology’s Pathology Development Program, operated in partnership with the Timorese Ministry of Health, the TrakCare Lab system brought immediate improvements for medical staff at the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares.

A team of six pathology staff from Victoria and Western Australia were seconded to Dili for up to six weeks to support the organization’s Timor-based scientists. They ensured the system went live with minimal disruption and helped train Timorese pathology scientists.

St John of God Pathology Dili-based scientist, Nick Hayes, said: “The Pathology Development Program has achieved a monumental goal as it continues to work with the laboratory staff of East Timor in making permanent improvements to the provision of pathology services across the country.
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“The Timorese lab staff we work with have also achieved a greater level of proficiency – the TrakCare Lab system was a foreign idea to them, having previously relied on pen and paper for recording diagnostic results. They have adapted to the new system very quickly and we are now able to develop its use as an educational tool in the future.”

TrakCare Lab will help improve the quality of results due to the reduction in manual programming and transcription.

Building the capacity of Timorese operators through skills development and mentoring will have a lasting impact on better health outcomes in one of Asia’s least developed nations.

“The next step is to assist our Timorese colleagues, progressing from producing quality results to also understanding what the results mean and the direct effect the laboratory can have on improving patient outcomes by providing an efficient, effective and safe service,” Hayes said.

St John of God Pathology first committed to establishing the Pathology Development Program in East Timor in 2004. Since then numerous pathology staff from across Australia have supported the efforts of scientists and support staff, living in the country on a permanent basis.

St John of God Pathology has committed to a second phase of the Pathology Development Program which will further develop pathology capabilities, focusing on training of Timorese scientists in scientific and pathological understanding to ensure sustainable long-term improvements in diagnosis of diseases for the whole population.

St John of God Pathology employs over 1200 staff, including 40 specialist pathologists who are all committed to providing medical practitioners and their patients with quality diagnostic pathology services.

As an operating division of St John of God Health Care, the pathology provider is a not for profit organization, with all funds generated returned to the communities they serve, in addition to providing an extensive Social Outreach and Advocacy program.

TrakCare not offered in the United States.