Slow Data Kills Business – Improve Customer Experience with the Right Data Management System

Slow Data Kills Business - eBook


We live in an era where customer experience trumps product features and functions. How do you exceed customer’s expectations every time they interact with your organization? By leveraging more information and applying insights you have learned over time. Turning data-driven power into delightful experiences will give you the advantages required to succeed in today’s climate of one-click shopping and crowd-sourced feedback. Whether you are a retailer, a banker, a care provider, or a policy maker, your organization must harness the power of growing data volumes, data types, and data sources to foster experiences that matter.

“76 percent of organizations believe that untimely data has inhibited business opportunities.”


Choosing a DBMS to Address the Challenges of the Third Platform, May 2017
IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by InterSystems


For most enterprises, gaining a complete view of user experiences and context requires the modernization of legacy and disparate technologies, many of which have been designed to support siloed applications/functions in individual departments. The difference between modern and legacy platforms lies in their capabilities.

Modern Data Platforms

  • Holistically support the digital transformation brought on by massive cloud, mobile, and social adoption while simplifying development and support requirements.
  • Support both transaction processing and analytics in real-time.
  • Empower organizations to deliver modern, data-rich applications amongst legacy applications, support on-premise and cloud deployment options, mitigate risk between open source and enterprise-grade software.

Featuring new market data from IDC, this eBook will highlight the motivating factors driving the evolution of the modern data platform and explain how organizations can benefit from a simplified, yet more powerful, data infrastructure.

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Slow Data Kills Business – Improve Customer Experience with the Right Data Management System

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