Servico, a market leader in software for tour operators, is a testament to the reliability and stability of InterSystems’ technology. For 20 years, InterSystems’ development environment and database has enabled Servico to offer the travel industry dynamic software.


“The program we wrote in 1980 still runs. In the meantime we have had eight different computer systems, with eight different operating systems,” said Erik Moons, one of the cofounders of the company. “The advantage of InterSystems is that you don’t have to start over again; you can just build from the ground up.”

InterSystems has enabled Servico to preserve its investment in technology, and, at the same time keep up with change. All programs Servico now writes run in a Windows environment and work much faster than InterSystems’ legacy software. InterSystem’s flagship product, Caché, has a special structure in which an enormous amount of data takes up very little space. That is why Servico’s customers, made up of numerous companies in the Belgium tourist industry, can use the Caché database to record all data about tourists and their holiday destinations. Caché is integrated with Servico’s software, enabling e-mails and faxes to be sent directly to hotels and airlines. With the press of one button, a tourist’s rooms and flights are confirmed and airlines or hotels immediately receive all the details of the trip. Servico’s application then processes all the costs and completely manages the administration of the travel agency or tour operator.

The advantage of InterSystems is that you don’t have to start over again; you can just build from the ground up.

Erik Moons, Co-Founder

Servico’s latest addition to its product line is Swingtravel, an application that meets the demands of the entire spectrum of travel agencies, from those that sell pleasure trips for consumers to the biggest agencies that sell enormous business trips. The activities of these agencies differ enormously, but all the needed functionality for the different agencies are included in Swingtravel.

Swingtravel, the successor to Servico’s Servitravel, offers a completely new ‘look and feel’, but still uses the same reliable Caché database. The forms made in Swingtravel are modernized but retain the same coding behind the interface. Because Servico still uses the Caché database in its newest solution, customers can directly port data from Servitravel to Swingtravel.

From the time it was a small family venture in the 1980s, to today serving over 400 agencies, Servico has depended on InterSystems’ technology to drive its business. “InterSystems has never let us down,” said Moons.