Seeing Around Corners: What Next for Financial Services?

The Economist-logoIn times of uncertainty, there is nothing more important than being able to see around corners. Today’s top business imperative is without a doubt future proofing strategies. This is particularly important for incumbents, who courtesy of new technologies leveling the playing field, have newcomers biting at their heels. The Old Guard might boast experience, customer data and loyalty, but it is also gravely hindered by technical debt and organizational inertia. Enter fintechs and neo banks who are innovating in real time on everything from payments and open banking to simultaneously redefining customer expectations. This will all be of enormous consequence in a new normal that is unprecedentedly ‘winner-take-all’.



  • How are incumbents interacting with newcomers and morphing into new entities?
  • Is there still such a thing as a first mover advantage?
  • What makes a financial institution agile and what else does it take to successfully pivot?
  • How does the threatscape differ between newcomers and incumbents?
  • How does the ability to fail fast and fail often benefit disruptors and how does it vanish with scale?
  • What is the role of technology in making operations lean and efficient and how does this impact resilience?

This webinar is hosted by The Economist Events and sponsored by InterSystems.


  • Michael Hom
    Global head of financial services solutions, InterSystems
  • Heidi Deringer
    Partner and head of Americas Financial Services practice, Bain
  • Alain Schmid
    Head of business banking and member of the digital banking management committee, Credit Suisse
  • Betsy Graseck
    Managing director and global head of banks and diversified finance research, Morgan Stanley
  • Rachana Shanbhogue
    Finance editor, The Economist

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