Seeing Around Corners: Innovative Data Management

Seeing Around Corners: Innovative Data Management Bloomberg hosted a virtual think tank with executives from leading financial services companies to discuss how innovations in data management are enabling accurate and real-time insights and new products and services that enhance competitiveness. The financial services industry is keenly focused on digital transformation, and has embraced the data management innovations that have developed in recent years to accelerate this project. As the industry faces new sources of competition, innovation has become imperative. Today’s competitive landscape requires financial services companies to be nimble and agile. Strategy must be based on real-time data. To that end, data must be accessible from across multiple data endpoints spanning on-premises and multiple cloud environments. The integration of data across cloud and on premises provides a level of insight and real-time analytics not previously available. The benefits are also proactive in that the collaboration enabled by the connection of data across silos creates additional opportunities for innovation in products, operations and services. Furthermore, the ready availability of high quality data ensures regulatory compliance. This think tank will provide a forum for an open conversation that will focus on how companies are employing innovative data management to access and organize information to drive strategy and enhance their competitive edge. Participants discussed how their operations have changed and the impact on culture.

Our Speakers

Anil Agrawal, SVP, Digital Platforms and Cloud Technology, U.S. Bank

Michael Hom, Global Head of Financial Services Solutions, InterSystems

Kate Platonova, Group Chief Data & Architecture Officer, HSBC

John Tolla, Executive Vice President, Chief Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer, Axos Bank

Deep Varma, Chief Technology Officer, Varo

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