Replica Data Security is a young Australian company making a big name for itself in the world of laptop and enterprise data protection. The company’s unique approach to high-performance backup and recovery software has generated customer demand throughout Australia, Europe and North America. As a result, the New South Wales-based company has established an international network of resellers, plus offices in the Netherlands and the United States – all within just two years.

Replica Data SecurityIn the early 2000s, Replica Data Security identified an unusual approach to backup and recovery software. Recognizing that more than 60% of corporate data now resides on devices that sit outside the secure enterprise fortress, Replica began developing a solution that would run in the background on workstations, servers, PCs, and laptops to secure this data and protect it from loss. It offers virtually continuous, fully automated back-up of data to a local database before using encrypted replication technology to send the data to a secure offsite server running an InterSystems Caché® database. Replica’s innovative encryption and storage technology combined with Caché’s world-class security (as evidenced by its Common Criteria certification) let customers rest easy that data will remain secure despite inevitable compromises to the network.

Replica is the only solution on the market to embed a highly scalable database and store all data – not just metadata – managed by Replica. The use of a database as a storage unit makes it possible to stream data from laptops, workstations, and servers directly into this secure repository. The Replica client interface is designed for users to be able to restore specified versions of files and file systems as required without costly and delayed IT support involvement. It also makes it faster to process incoming data and enables Replica to offer users what they have always wanted – the ability to keep their data locally, yet manage it centrally. With the Replica solution in place, the file server can go down and many users will not even notice. If an individual workstation crashes, the user can simply log in to Replica from another machine and continue working.

Replica spent two years working on its solution, working with SQL Server and other databases but was not able to achieve the performance it required until coming upon the high-performance object database, Caché. Caché gave Replica the speed it needed, enabling real-time data analysis while maintaining high-performance transaction processing. According to Mike Malone, CEO of Replica Data Security, “We discovered that nothing moves binary large objects like Caché. It was the only database that could do what was required. It runs faster than anything else and it’s more efficient in its use of hardware. We can put terabytes of information into it and Caché still runs perfectly.”

Using Caché’s advanced object technologies, we’ve been able to deliver very cost- effective breakthroughs in performance that won’t degrade the network or overwhelm the laptop.

Mike Malone, CEO
Replica Data Security

Within six months of starting work with Caché, Replica had developed a truly scalable data security product, capable of running on a USB device, or across a complete enterprise. Malone explains, “With Replica, data is continuously backed up regardless of where it resides. The whole process occurs automatically in the background, remaining transparent to the user. Using Caché’s advanced object technologies we’ve been able to deliver breakthroughs in performance that don’t degrade the network or overwhelm the laptop.”

In late 2005 Replica Data Security was ready to go to market, and within twelve months had amassed a client base including the New South Wales State Parliament and all New South Wales State electoral offices, as well as AMM Hatch.

One year later Replica Data Security won a 2006 Consensus Software Award, with judges proclaiming that Replica was “an innovative product for data backup, security and collaboration [which] proved to be a standout in a highly competitive field.”

As word spread, queries began to arrive from Europe, and Malone realised it was time to expand Replica’s horizons. One of his starting points, with the help of InterSystems, was to tap into the extensive InterSystems customer and partner community.

Malone explains, “Like most ambitious Australian software companies, Replica set its sights on international expansion.  InterSystems have played a key role in our expansion.  They understand our business and provide flexible, personalized support to enable us to achieve our business objectives.”