Category Leader for Interoperability Platforms

KLAS Research collected feedback from thousands of healthcare providers to offer an honest, accurate, and impartial overview of vendor performance in the industry for its 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services report. The Category Leader designation, which InterSystems HealthShare® unified care record received for interoperability platforms, is reserved for top-performing solutions.

“I needed a system that was going to make sense of all of the chaos and that was going to empower our staff to build bridges between our different systems in a scalable, reliable, and fiscally responsible way. The tool acts as a clearinghouse for data so that we aren’t building a number of legacy pipes every time we want to connect to a new system. Out of the box, InterSystems product comes with a lot of standard APIs, and we have customized them to fit a lot of different use cases. InterSystems is very good at trying to democratize healthcare data. The platform has been open enough that we can do that, whereas most other systems can’t.”
HIE Director

“InterSystems absolutely had the most robust system at the time. We did an informative walkthrough and found out that InterSystems product, at least in our minds, is still the most robust. With InterSystems product, we have the ability to consume our data in multiple formats and store it in a standardized format. We can also isolate our data by facility so we can react when a facility says not to share the data or when there is something wrong. There is not a huge issue with doing any of that… .”
Executive Director

2020 Best in KLAS in the Asia/Oceania Region for Global Acute Care EMR

KLAS in its Best in KLAS 2020 Global (non-US) report has named InterSystems TrakCare® Best in KLAS for global acute care EMR for the third time. Global Best in KLAS awards are given to vendors serving healthcare professionals outside the United States in two market segments, acute care EMR and PACS.

“InterSystems is definitely part of our long-term plans. If we could go back in time, we would purchase TrakCare EPR again. We get good value for the money we spend on the system.“

“The pharmacy orders in TrakCare EPR have absolutely been a win for us. In the past, we had a lot of medication errors because people weren’t able to read the orders properly because of poor handwriting. Now, the medication errors that do occur aren’t because someone misread the orders, but they are actually proper medication errors.”

“TrakCare EPR is a good product. We have been able to manage with this EPR for the last several years without any headaches or issues. We have implemented all of the clinical modules, but not the billing ones because billing is highly customized in our country. Other than that, we use all of the standard products. We have the ability to customize this EPR for our needs.”


KLAS Interoperability Platforms 2020
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