OnTrak News Flash No.4:
The Fight Against COVID-19

From the Desk of Christine Chapman Vice President, InterSystems TrakCare®

OnTrak News Flash No.4: The Fight Against COVID-19 May 26, 2020
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Sitting in my home office this morning, it dawns on me that I have made this my place of work for two months. Hard to believe. In fact, when we all first moved from the Cambridge office to our home offices, I was certain it would be weeks, not months, we’d be away. I have been impressed with the coordination and communication we have within our teams over these months. We have met our goals and have in fact responded very effectively to the COVID-19 needs of our customers across every product line and every region. We have focused on providing support and solutions for pop-up hospitals and pop-up labs. We have provided triage forms, alerts, and rules to help identify those patients who have received positive results to COVID-19 testing. We have worked with many of you around specific analysis of your data and have provided dashboards to analyze what is going on. We have provided telehealth capabilities for new and existing customers. And through the interoperability capabilities of our solutions, we have made it possible for our customers to communicate with government bodies about their COVID-19 patients.

While I am proud of what we have achieved on your behalf, I want to also extend my gratitude to all of you on the front line who have done so much over these months. It is a difficult time for the world but we have seen that working together we can make things a little easier. We are here to work with you as our challenges continue. None of us are certain what the new “normal” will be, but you can remain confident that we will be there with you to provide the solutions and services you need.

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