OnTrak News Flash No.3:
The Fight Against COVID-19

From the Desk of Hazem El Oraby, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer, InterSystems TrakCare®

OnTrak News Flash No.3: The Fight Against COVID-19 - May 6, 2020
May 6, 2020

With the number of coronavirus patients around the world growing at a rapid pace, authorities have been struggling to increase bed capacity to cope with the number of patients requiring both high acuity ICU beds and different types of step-down care.

To make up for the narrowing availability, pop-up hospitals are being erected in some unlikely places like hotels, convention centers, and even sports facilities.

We have seen a growing demand for pop-up healthcare facilities in several of our regions including:

  • Existing customers extending their services to satellite locations, therefore also needing to extend TrakCare’s reach to accommodate those new locations;
  • New pop-up hospitals and laboratories being erected in mere days needing an electronic medical record or laboratory system; and
  • Mobile testing units needing a system that can support them to perform thousands of tests a day with bulk collection of samples.

These types of systems need to be rolled out in days with a configuration that is intuitive for first time users who may only have an hour to be trained. The key here is to have a simple setup that comes pre-populated with all the essential tools needed to get users up and running very quickly, including bulk uploads of locations, setups, users, favorites, order sets, and forms.

With IT staff at such hospitals already being thinly stretched InterSystems was able to modify existing processes and procedures to accommodate changing and urgently emerging needs and extend its full support to our customers.

If you are working on something related to the COVID-19 crisis and wish to share it, please get in touch with us or with your account manager at InterSystems. We’d like to share more stories in coming issues.

Contact Dimitri Fane or Hazem El Oraby with questions or suggestions for how we can help you at this time.

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A Message from Wolters Kluwer, a trusted third-party content provider for InterSystems

We are proud of our team’s commitment to meeting customers’ needs when it matters – especially during the current coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, we are pleased to provide free access to Coronavirus information in our product, UpToDate, for clinicians who are working at the front lines of the outbreak and seeking the most current, evidence-based clinical decision support:

Plus, the public Wolters Kluwer Coronavirus Resources & Tools page provides additional information.
We hope this information is making a difference.

TrakCare provides contextual access to Wolters Kluwer content from within normal clinical workflows using our InfoLink feature. Read the next issue of OnTrak to learn more.

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