More Connections to Healthcare Data
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Less Time, Less Effort, More Connections to Healthcare Data

Simplifying Data Sharing for Clinical Research and Healthcare Innovation

For driving innovation and more efficient clinical research, comprehensive healthcare data is a precious resource – if you can get it. InterSystems HealthShare® Managed Connections gives you, your research partners, your clinical study sites, and your prescribing physicians a simpler, safer and compliant way to mine, share, and leverage healthcare data. HealthShare Managed Connections provides a single point of connection to any number of data sources.

InterSystems Healthshare Managed Connections For Data Providers

HealthShare Managed Connection

Connecting to InterSystems HealthShare Managed Connections makes your data available to drug and device developers for clinical study participation and allows for more efficient research projects and streamlined health registries on your terms and under your control.

Freedom to Focus on What Matters Most

Managing data sharing agreements with your data sources is onerous and time consuming. Subscribing to HealthShare Managed Connections enables your collaborators to opt in and provide data to your research projects with a single agreement. And it relieves you from having to manage a separate technology infrastructure for healthcare information sharing. Once you begin with HealthShare Managed Connections and a data partner, initial metadata exchanges help you clarify which data sets and HealthShare Managed Connections services you’ll need to achieve your goals. You can then leverage robust real-world health data for innovation in new medicines, devices, and digital health products.

HealthShare Managed Connections serves up the health data that you need and integrates a number of services including:

  • Study Planning and Design: Determine whether your clinical research sites have a sufficient number of patients to participate in a study. And with realtime access to the data, you can review design elements and conduct feasibility research as study eligibility criteria are varied or changed.
  • Patient Identification and Recruitment: Enroll patients faster. Automated chart review alerts investigators and clinicians to the availability of a suitable clinical trial or research opportunity while they’re with eligible patients.
  • Real-World Data and Analytics: Access real-world data for registries, health economics and outcomes research, evidence generation, market access, postmarket surveillance, non-interventional research, and product and healthcare innovation.

Increase Your Success Rate and Opportunities for Patients

  • 18,500+ clinical studies in the United States are actively recruiting patients¹
  • 85% of patients are unaware that participation in a clinical trial is an option²
  • 1/3 of Phase III studies terminate due to lack of study participants³
  • 37% of clinical research sites fail to reach trial enrollment targets⁴

Data Control

At the core of HealthShare Managed Connections is a strong data usage contracting model. Your research partners will only share patient information for the specific use case that InterSystems has brokered and that you’ve mutually agreed to. For example, population-level aggregated data or de-identified patient information can be shared, based on the explicit agreement executed by both parties, to facilitate study planning. With HealthShare Managed Connections, data sharing complies with national and international regulations, and is efficient, safe, and entirely transparent.

HealthShare Managed Connections is a network with “low friction” based on a hub-and-spoke approach. Data suppliers and consumers can enter into a simple agreement to join the network and then opt into the services that have value for them.

The hub safeguards data and enables usage that is legally and ethically appropriate. A fundamental operating principle is that data suppliers maintain control of their data. Data is only provided via well-defined services, and only when both the supplier and data consumer opt into participation in a specific service. The data centers and technologies used to deliver services operate in accordance with all regulatory requirements and make use of advanced security systems and practices.

The services of HealthShare Managed Connections are open to all qualified participants. They are not tied to any particular electronic health record (EHR), customer base, or industry domain. Everyone involved in a project – information providers and users – signs the same service specification, so there is full transparency in the relationship.

More Connections to Data, More Value for All

InterSystems has been a leader in healthcare information technology for over forty-two years. More than 1 billion health records worldwide are managed using our technology, giving us a deep understanding of healthcare data and data sharing. We have connected thousands of disparate health information sources to achieve meaningful clinical utility. And we are developers and early adopters of important health data interoperability standards like FHIR. With HealthShare Managed Connections, you benefit from that experience and those relationships to more easily and effectively drive clinical research and innovation.


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