Know Your Customer: Realizing Value in Financial Services
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Know your customer webinar
An Economist Impact Webinar

Today’s digitally savvy generation of customers expects a seamless and omnichannel experience that is personal and secure. Catering to customer needs in real time through adaptive and personalized services is a must for financial organizations that want to take every chance to engage with their customers and keep them coming back.

While maintaining a comprehensive view of customers is important to fostering this engagement, balancing that visibility with privacy and regulatory requirements is an increasing challenge. A further issue is that since customers interact with financial organizations across multiple touchpoints, their information can be spread across disparate systems and repositories. This can hinder efforts to better understand customer behavior and journeys so that organizations can build stronger relationships, unlock growth opportunities, improve customer retention and mitigate risks.

Key questions addressed in this event will include:

  • What are the main challenges that prevent organizations from knowing their customers better?
  • How are financial institutions deepening and transforming connections with their customers?
  • How are innovative and challenger banks seizing the potential of data and technology to gain new customer insights?
  • How can financial institutions abide by regulatory and privacy requirements in a way that best serves their customers?

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