KLAS 2015 Interface Engines Report

Large healthcare providers with complex interoperability needs choose InterSystems

100% of customers say InterSystems keeps promises, avoids ‘nickel-and-diming,’ is part of their long-term plans, and they would buy the technology again.

Key Findings on InterSystems

  • Has ranked 1 or 2 in KLAS interface engine reports for 10 years.
  • Overall score of 95.2 (industry average: 78)
  • Excels in larger organizations, with 78% of its customers in 500+ bed category

“Typically found in the largest healthcare organizations, InterSystems’ enterprise service bus is unique in its ability to either deliver a completed tool set or provide a development platform for organizations looking to design and implement their own complex interoperability solutions”

–KLAS 2015 Interface Engines Performance Report


InterSystems Summary

KLAS reports: “InterSystems is a highly scalable and extremely stable product traditionally found in the largest organizations. In this study, InterSystems has the most clients with greater than 1,000 beds, with the majority of the remainder having greater than 500 beds. Their Ensemble product, now branded as HealthShare Health Connect in the healthcare industry, is more of a development platform than a point-and-click interface tool and has consistently maintained a very high performance score. All clients interviewed for this report say they would buy InterSystems again and that InterSystems keeps their promises and doesn’t nickel-and-dime them.” “As an enterprise service bus, the InterSystems technology gives large, complex organizations the ability to develop sophisticated business processes utilizing service-oriented architecture.” “InterSystems performs above average in every performance category measured by KLAS, including implementation quality and timeliness. Providers also share positive feedback about audit logs and the system working as promoted. The engine is described as being very robust yet complex.,” according to the KLAS report.

Customer Comments

“I think there will be a lot of increase in our use of InterSystems’ product. I see InterSystems as the leader of the market segment at this point.”

“They know what is up and coming with interface engines. They have all the tools we need from an interface engine, and every year they come out with more things we can do. It is excellent.”

“InterSystems is a key part of our strategy going forward.

“The support team from InterSystems is absolutely amazing. When we contact them, we know that they will have a resolution for us.”

“InterSystems offers a lot of monitoring tools that other vendors would not offer. The tools are easy to deploy in our system. They are already provided in the engine, and we don’t have to develop any extra programming. The system is ready to go right out of the box.”

“The InterSystems platform is designed to grow with us.”

“We selected InterSystems specifically for its ability to meet our future strategy. We will continue to leverage its class-based architecture to consolidate and migrate all types of interfaces. Our long-term plan involves all of our integration going through InterSystems.”

“InterSystems is a strong platform with a lot of options and a very active developer community. The product has a lot of enterprise service-bus capabilities, which makes InterSystems stand out from the pack.”

“InterSystems is extremely reliable and scalable.”

(Disclaimer: The preceding are selected commentaries that may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit for a complete view.)


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