PULSEcast Podcast #5 – Jim Collins: An Authentic Approach to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Jim Collins uses artificial intelligence (AI) to explore beyond the limits of what was once thought possible. The former Rhodes Scholar and MacArthur Fellow (or MacArthur Genius, as you may know it) runs a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lab whose goal is to combat increasing antibiotic resistance through new drug discovery. His work in synthetic biology, meanwhile, focuses on rewiring tiny organisms so that they can identify and even help treat infection.

It’s all possible only because of AI, which Collins leverages to analyze the billions of data points required to push these boundaries. But Collins knows that AI is not magical, nor is it a silver bullet. Beyond the hype we can see that it’s no more or less than a high-tech tool. As such, it takes time, expertise and smart partnerships to integrate into a business and realize its potential.

In this episode, Collins details the evolution of AI in healthcare and how the technology could advance biomedicine, as well as how those looking to leverage AI in healthcare can avoid common pitfalls, forge the right partnerships and take a thoughtful approach to implementation.

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