Healthy Data Podcast #2: Jason Buckner – Unifying Claims and Clinical Data

We explore how organizations can leverage predictive analytics and the combination claims and clinical data to improve patient care with Jason Buckner, of Manifest MedEx.

Value-based care and strong population health programs require a robust combination of claims and clinical data. But healthcare providers and insurers often lack at least one side of the equation.

That’s where Jason Buckner comes in. He’s the technology chief operating officer for Manifest MedEx, California’s nonprofit health data network. The organization teams up with more than 400 healthcare organizations, including 100-plus hospitals and seven health plans, across the Golden State. Manifest MedEx shares records for 20 million Californians and brings formidable tools such as real-time alerts and access to clinical and claims data to its participants.

The success here—the jewel—is how it meshes claims and clinical data and then makes that actionable for members. But Manifest MedEx has also begun incorporating predictive analytics into its game. That’s empowering providers to step in before a health crisis occurs.

In this episode of Healthy Data, a podcast series by InterSystems, we examine the inspiring data work of Manifest MedEx with Jason Buckner and how other organizations can follow its lead.

We spoke with Buckner a few months before the coronavirus pandemic struck, but his insights have only become more relevant. Manifest MedEx has been working with public health departments and officials to identify at-risk populations and monitor trends in healthcare utilization. It’s all about keeping a pulse on hospital and health system capacity—because pandemic or not, the smart use of data and predictive analytics is critical to all of our health.

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