InterSystems TrakCare® unified healthcare information system is trusted by leading healthcare providers in 25 countries, and consistently receives top customer satisfaction scores through KLAS Research.

“For us, InterSystems was the clear winner. There was no question that they had the strongest solution. TrakCare EPR is very easy to become familiar with and very user-friendly. That is another reason why we were attracted to it.”
— Director/physician comment, KLAS website

Connected, Informed, Empowered

Whether your organization consists of a single hospital or a nationwide network, TrakCare empowers you to deliver safer, more efficient, and better coordinated care. InterSystems supports you throughout your connected care journey, from workflow and process improvements to population health management and care transformation.

TrakCare includes a comprehensive set of clinical, administrative, and departmental modules sharing a single data model. One login provides secure, role-based access to all areas of the solution. TrakCare is designed for the age of mobility, aiming to deliver the best user experience wherever you are, on whatever device you are using. It is an intuitive, web-based system, so users are up and running quickly.

Improving Care by Empowering Care Providers
TrakCare facilitates efficient, shared workflows across care settings and provides a unified record for each patient across the continuum of care. Easy access to complete patient information empowers your care providers and management teams to make more-informed decisions for better results.

Better Management of Care Cost and Quality
The TrakCare embedded dashboards and single data model make it much easier for clinicians and administrators to track and understand the cost and quality of care — an essential step toward healthcare delivery system sustainability.

Faster, More Predictable Implementation and Stronger Adoption
With any EMR, achieving the value you expect is a journey. InterSystems gets you there faster. TrakCare comes pre-configured to meet local market requirements, reducing implementation complexity and risk. InterSystems ARIES, our customer engagement and software implementation methodology, provides a proven approach for guiding our customers to success. You can engage our teams to help you prepare for change, identify a path to achieving adoption goals, and make it easier and more rewarding for clinicians to use TrakCare.

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital is one of the most paperless hospitals I have visited around the world…. All clinical documentation is captured in the EMR by nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals from the emergency room to the ward, during resuscitations, and in the operating room.”

— John Daniels, Global Vice President
HIMSS Analytics

For Every Patient, One Record.
For Every User, One Login, on Any Device.

All TrakCare modules rely on two core capabilities that are automatically used wherever needed throughout the system:

  • The Electronic Patient Record captures the continuum of a patient’s clinical and administrative information, including demographics and medical history as well as previous admissions, surgery, and obstetric information. The Electronic Patient Record is automatically populated by relevant data entered anywhere within TrakCare or via integration with other healthcare applications.
  • The Master Patient Index enables you to record an extensive range of a patient’s sociodemographic information. Because each patient is uniquely identified, you can organize information efficiently, extract it easily when you need it, and track patients across an organization.

TrakCare Architecture Diagram - Clinical Infomration & Patient Administration Systems

Healthcare Leaders and Leaders-to-Be Use TrakCare

Hundreds of hospitals worldwide have chosen TrakCare, including many at the forefront of care delivery innovation. These include perennial quality award winner Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, the national health system of Scotland, United Family Healthcare in China, and King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

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To learn more about how TrakCare can help you meet your goals for quality, efficiency, and growth, visit or use the contact form at to request a call from your local InterSystems office. TrakCare is not sold in the United States.

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