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Best in KLAS Global (Non-US) Acute Care EMR for Two Years Running

A Strong Partnership is Key to Deployment Success

When you deploy a new EMR/PAS, a strong partnership with your software vendor is critical to success. How do you know you’ll get that kind of partnership? One way is to use the Best in KLAS awards as a guide.

Scoring Your Vendors

In the Words of TrakCare Clients

Here are representative comments on TrakCare taken from the KLAS website. KLAS does not divulge the names of respondents quoted or the names of their organizations.

“InterSystems keeps their promises, and we will continue to move forward with InterSystems. I would strongly recommend them. We are very satisfied.”
— Manager/Analyst, September 2016

“We selected InterSystems because they have installations in our country and understand our market. When we looked at everything, we saw that InterSystems gives great customer service.”
— Executive, December 2016

“InterSystems seems to adapt quicker than most vendors on the PAS side of their product. This tends to be the more difficult part of the implementation, but it seems that InterSystems figures things out quickly.”
— Director/Physician, November 2016

Each year KLAS, a leading, independent healthcare industry research firm, surveys hundreds of hospital executives who rate satisfaction with their software vendors. The products designated as award winners have achieved the highest scores in sales and contracting, implementation and training, functionality and upgrades, and service and support.

The Global Best in KLAS awards are based on the performance of products and vendors in regions outside the United States to recognize their outstanding efforts to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care.

InterSystems TrakCare, Best in KLAS

For 2017, InterSystems TrakCare® unified health information system was awarded Best in KLAS for:

  • Global (Non-US) Acute Care EMR (second year in a row)
  • Global (Non-US) Patient Administration System (PAS)

InterSystems TrakCare, Category Leader for Asia/Oceania and the Middle East Regions

The Category Leader award is a designation given to the top market segment performer in each region. TrakCare earned Category Leader recognition for:

  • Global (Non-US) Acute Care EMR in the Asia/Oceania and Middle East regions
  • Global (Non-US) Patient Administration System (PAS) in the Asia/Oceania region

Key Findings in the Best in KLAS 2017 Global Software (Non-US) Report

Depth of adoption becoming a key measurement
Providers want vendors that go beyond just selling functionality and can help them achieve success by driving deep, multidepartment clinical adoption of things such as documentation, CPOE, and ePrescribing. While technology is important, providers are placing more emphasis on choosing vendors who partner with their clients.

Interest in population health is early but growing
Few providers outside of the United States are implementing population health suites; however, many view this technology as part of their future road map. Providers say they will start their journey by obtaining reliable EMR platforms, analytics, and HIE/clinical portals and then follow up with care management and patient engagement tools.


Overall Score (100-point scale): The overall score is calculated by using all data from each of the 20 performance categories gathered over the past 18 months for each of the vendor’s products measured. The overall average for all questions answered with a numeric rating (1-9) is multiplied by 8.8889 to reach a total of 80 possible points for these performance indicators. The remaining 20 points are calculated from average ratings for the business indicators (yes/no questions). The average percentage of positive responses is calculated and multiplied by 20 (points possible). These two scores are added together to get the total score, with 100 points representing a perfect score.


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