SourceMedical case study

SourceMedical is a leading provider of clinical and business software solutions used by ambulatory surgery centers‚ surgical hospitals‚ and outpatient rehabilitation clinics throughout the United States. As a long-time InterSystems application partner‚ they use InterSystems’ advanced software technologies to create and enhance their applications.

A case in point isSourceMedical’s Vision™ software. “To begin with‚we wanted to build a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center system‚”recalls Scott Palmer‚ President and COO of the Surgery Division at SourceMedical. “We were already familiar with InterSystems so it made sense to develop our new solution on the Caché database.” Using InterSystems’ advanced object technology‚ SourceMedical was able to quickly model their data structures and create classes.“We were able to bring Vision to market in about 12 months‚ whereas some of our previous applications had taken three to four years‚” Palmer says.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Development
  • Web services
  • Partnership

In addition to its rapid development capabilities‚Caché enabled SourceMedical to make extensive use of Web services. Any method within a Caché object can be turned into a Web Service with just a few mouse clicks. “We designed Vision to be modular‚” Palmer says‚ “so that a surgical facility can purchase only the components they require‚ and add others as the need arises. Vision modules connect to each other using Web services‚ so Caché’s out-of-the-box SOAP and Web services capabilities were of great benefit to us.”

Palmer points to that as an example of InterSystems’ track record of product support and enhancement. “They continually innovate‚which means that we can too‚” he says. “The support they provide is first-rate‚ and they are even willing to help us with various sales‚ design‚development‚ and deployment objectives.”

We were able to bring Vision to market in about 12 months‚ where as some of our previous applications had taken three to four years‚

Scott Palmer, President and COO‚ Surgery Division

In 2009‚ SourceMedical started running Vision on the InterSystems Ensemble® platform for connectable applications. They expanded their use of Web services‚ using them to provide their customers with access to third-party applications. “But the biggest benefit is that Ensemble includes features specifically designed to handle HL7 and X12‚” says Palmer. “That makes it easy to deploy Vision in any customer environment. Since we started using Ensemble‚ our throughput for building and maintaining interfaces has increased significantly.We can accomplish more with the same staff.”

“Plus‚” he continues‚ “InterSystems products are always easy to manage and maintain. One strong selling point for us is that our customers don’t have to have in-house IT people dedicated to managing Vision. It’s very cost-effective. In fact‚customers who use the Vision EHR module instead of paper records can realize payback within twelve months and over 200% return on investment in three years.”

Palmer says that the probable next enhancement for Vision is to use InterSystems DeepSee™ embeddable business intelligence software to add features that give customers the ability to create reports based on real-time data. And after that?” No one knows what the next breakthrough software innovation will be‚ but we are confident that InterSystems will make it available to us. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”