The Long Island Patient Information eXchange (LIPIX) has added three major healthcare providers to its InterSystems HealthShare®-based health information exchange (HIE) network.

Intersystems-Long Island Patient Information Exchange[Note: In late 2011, after publication of this story, the Long Island Patient Information Exchange (LIPIX) merged with the New York Clinical Information Exchange to form a new organization, Healthix.]

LIPIX is a regional organization of public and private stakeholders committed to creating a sustainable and replicable model for integrating and sharing data among Long Island healthcare providers. It is the first independent HIE in the New York metropolitan area to electronically transfer live patient data across multiple unaffiliated healthcare organizations. With the addition of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, and New Island Hospital, LIPIX now provides authorized physicians in healthcare facilities across Long Island with secure access to more than 834,000 patient medical records. As a result, critical data from patient electronic health records (EHRs) is shared to improve care delivery in any location, while at all times protecting patient privacy.

Designed for Optimal Information Exchange

HealthShare leverages advanced software technologies from InterSystems that have made its CACHÉ high performance object database and Ensemble rapid integration platform the premier application platforms in healthcare. “InterSystems has, as a company, made a strong commitment to the success of New York regional health information organizations (RHIOs),” said Dr. Ben Stein, MD and Executive Director of LIPIX. “InterSystems’ technologists have made major contributions to the New York State eHealth Collaborative work groups and are focused on providing the capabilities and enhancements necessary to facilitate RHIO success.”

LIPIX plans to continue the aggressive rollout of the HIE network with the expectation that the majority of all major healthcare providers on Long Island will be using the service by year’s end. New capabilities including secure messaging and central hub-based results delivery technology will be added over the same time period. An estimated two-and-a-half million people will be able to receive the benefits of clinical data exchange by the end of phase one of the implementation, according to Stein. He expects that the HIE will eventually expand to serve about five million people in Long Island and Queens.

HealthShare’s underlying technology continues to play a pivotal role for LIPIX

Dr. Benjamin Stein, Director of Clinical Information Systems
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System

“HealthShare’s underlying technology continues to play a pivotal role for LIPIX by serving as the core functionality as we develop and implement value added services that will be layered onto the HealthShare platform providing for a flexible and scalable solution to meet the current and future needs of Clinical Data Exchange,” said Dr. Stein of LIPIX.

“HealthShare provides advanced standards-based capabilities that satisfy HIE requirements while reducing associated risks and costs,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning. “The growth of LIPIX illustrates how this combination is optimal for implementation and expansion of a secure regional or national EHR system that enables quality care delivery.”

Read the full article  from Ben Stein on HIE and the HealthShare-based LIPIX network in the recent article “Busting HIE myths” in CMIO magazine.


LIPIX is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established to develop a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), also known as a Health Information Exchange (HIE). Headquartered in Manhasset, NY, LIPIX’s primary mission is to fundamentally improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare for the betterment of patients, providers and the community with the ultimate goal being to organize the world’s health information so that it is globally accessible and useful while maintaining the highest standards of patient privacy. LIPIX receives direction from major care providers on Long Island as well as from health professional organizations including the Medical Society of the State of NY and the American College of Physicians. For more information on LIPIX and our services visit us at