InterSystems Ensemble: Integration for Today’s Rapidly Changing Enterprise

A key challenge confronting enterprises today is the costly and wasteful complexity crisis that arises from the chaotic assortment of information technology (IT) applications and databases that drive the business. Integrating their operations and data is key to relieving this crisis, enabling greater efficiency and flexibility in the business.

Technology that eases and speeds the integration process is imperative in today’s volatile business environment, especially one that unifies heterogeneous systems around common information and process elements. One cannot address integration solely with workflow, nor with only data mapping and transformation. Thus a solution that works within a framework for developing composite applications and processes that can be used to address the individualized needs of an enterprise is the ideal mix. Because it is inevitable that business requirements and systems will change, laying a foundation that is flexible and open to work with industry-accepted standards is critical.

Sharing a common metadata and object model that is captured from and utilized for integration and process flows is a very effective way to unify the environment and reduce redundancies for efficiency and optimization. InterSystems Ensemble blends together these elements with a service-based architecture, leveraging a vehicle for storing and managing messages, which InterSystems calls its persistent object engine, a unified development environment, and a customizable management and monitoring system. Clients interviewed indicate that this unique combination provides them with a powerful software platform that eases rapid integration and development, while its underlying infrastructure offers high performance.

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