pcs_ss_thumbIn every market where consumers can choose which business to patronize, public perception of a brand is vitally important. The speed and scope with which that perception can change, and how it influences business management, is one of the greatest effects of modern social media.

With the rising importance of social media across industries, PCS, the UK-based developer of Social Knowledge software, saw an opportunity to grow and diversify from its main customer base in news publishing. Social Knowledge is cloud-based, realtime perception management software created with InterSystems’ Caché® database and analytics technology.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud deployment removes barriers to sales
  • Semantic analysis for insight into social media
  • High performance for immediate action

Social Knowledge automates the tracking and understanding of brand perception across social media channels, and allows customers to respond immediately to adverse events and take advantage of positive trends.

Brand awareness and action in the cloud

“Our challenge was to translate the brand awareness and social media interactivity that Knowledge provides for news organizations into a product fit for a broad range of markets,” says Phil Walker, Managing Director at PCS. “And it had to be cloud-based to remove possible objections to purchasing, such as concerns about installation and deployment, or maintenance.”  Deploying on Caché in the cloud brought additional advantages, including access to a worldwide market and elastic scalability to cope with varying levels of demand.

“Using the semantic analysis technology inside Caché, Social Knowledge can linguistically analyze social media conversations in real time and display dashboards and insights that no other solution can deliver,” explains Walker. Such insights can help organizations decide on markets to target for expansion, manage crises, or aid return-on-investment analyses for marketing campaigns.

Caché has simplified our move into the cloud and new markets.

Phil Walker, Managing Director, PCS

“Caché’s performance and scalability allow us to take thousands of conversations from multiple channels and tell our customers that this is what you need to know, this is what people are saying about you right now, good or bad, and why.” By indicating which posts are the most influential and providing the ability to respond immediately and simultaneously across multiple channels, Social Knowledge users can influence the tenor and direction of brand perception.

Caché in the cloud simplifies move into new markets

Because it is built on Caché, PCS can offer Social Knowledge as Software-as-a-Service, hosted in its own data centers, in a public cloud such as Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace OpenCloud, or just as easily installed at the customer location. “Our customers can get up and running with Social Knowledge straight away just by opening up a browser,” concludes Walker. “Caché has simplified our move into this new market.”