Executive Summary

InterSystems Australian Laboratory Management Systems Market Survey 2015
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InterSystems Australian Laboratory Management Systems Market Survey 2015

The nature of the laboratory business is changing dramatically. Industry consolidation, advances in automation, genomic testing, and the increased use of point-of-care testing are driving major shifts in where, when and how testing takes place. To survive and thrive, laboratories require a new generation of informatics solutions, designed to manage the lab as an agile, knowledge-driven business in an increasingly interconnected world.

Seeking to gain market insights into the changing requirements for laboratory management systems, InterSystems surveyed 60 professional staff representing 29 public pathology laboratories, 18 private pathology laboratories, and 13 related organisations including government. Over half (53%) of those surveyed were Biomedical or Clinical Scientists and 19% were Laboratory Managers or Head of Department.

Main Findings

  1. 75% of survey respondents cited cost savings and efficiencies as drivers of change in their laboratory, with 63% pointing to automation.
  2. 65% of respondents said a key change was that their laboratory will operate as part of a multi-site laboratory network; among public laboratories the figure was 83%.
  3. 75% said complete visibility, control and accountability over the testing process were important to the success of their laboratory in the future.
  4. Only 29% of respondents at public laboratories said that their current information management system is able to support the changes they are undergoing.
  5. 65% of respondents indicated that their current systems do not have the ability to analyse which tests are running at a profit and which at a loss.

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InterSystems Australian Laboratory Management Systems Market Survey 2015