An inflection point for providers of laboratory middleware

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Instrument of Change: Creating the Next Generation of Laboratory Middleware

There has never been a greater need or opportunity for advanced medical laboratory middleware. The diagnostic laboratory industry is, like most areas of healthcare, in the midst of profound change. Middleware vendors need to position themselves to help labs not only survive, but also thrive in this new environment.

Shift your thinking

  • Aging populations
  • Genomics and personalized medicine
  • Lab consolidation
  • Sustainability

These healthcare challenges create opportunities for the next generation of middleware to provide even more value to labs and the clinicians who depend on them. It requires a shift in thinking about the place and role of lab middleware, as it evolves from an operational tool to a platform that serves all of the business needs associated with running a laboratory.

Middleware has already evolved from a simple enabler of data communication between analyzers and laboratory information systems to a provider of simple business intelligence capabilities that generate metrics and key performance indicators for managing the business.

Shift gears

Key to the next shift in middleware solutions is the ability to pull together test requests, results, and complete patient information on demand, and then analyze and act on all of the data in near real time. For example, with access to complete patient information, lab applications can flag requests for duplicate or expensive tests for review, to ensure that the tests are necessary and that time and money aren’t wasted.

A platform approach to middleware with HealthShare

To support the needs of tomorrow’s laboratory, middleware vendors don’t have to create all of the necessary infrastructure from scratch. Instead, you can develop middleware solutions on an existing health informatics platform such as InterSystems HealthShare®, which provides the flexibility and infrastructure necessary for next-generation laboratory products. Starting from such a foundation, innovation can be maximized so your product’s unique business value becomes the focal point of the software development process…

Download the Decision Guide:
Instrument of Change: Creating the Next Generation of Laboratory Middleware