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The covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of our globally interconnected supply chains. To manage changing buyer preferences amid disruption, organizations have had to analyze their supply chains in real time to establish priorities and identify and fill gaps, and to build predictive capabilities that address potential supply shortages. Resilience, built on better visibility into supply chains, has emerged as a top business priority. Building intelligent supply chains that can be monitored to give actionable insights is necessary to unlocking efficiencies, increasing the speed of delivery to customers and maintaining competitive advantage. Keen to insulate against future disruptions and to be able to respond with agility and decisiveness, savvy business leaders want to develop resilient and collaborative supply-chain ecosystems that break down silos and unite people, processes and technologies.

  • How could supply-chain leaders have been better prepared for the disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic?
  • How can organizations navigate the new normal and generate value from their supply chains?
  • How are supply chains adapting and moving away from being retrospective and reactive to being predictive and prepared?
  • What tools, techniques and technologies look most promising in the transformation of supply chains?
  • Looking ahead, how can supply-chain leaders harness technology to become more collaborative and more responsive to changing needs and market conditions?

Learn more about how InterSystems can enable more resilient, flexible, and transparent supply chains.

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