Executive Summary

How InterSystems' Technology Enables Business Intelligence SolutionsThe trend in business intelligence solutions is to make them more timely – to decrease both data latency and the time it takes to respond to queries. The culmination of this trend is an entirely new kind of application. “Business intelligent applications” can analyze and act upon operational data in real time. Business Activity Monitoring solutions do the same for integrated systems.

InterSystems’ Caché database uses a multidimensional data architecture that provides up to 5 times faster SQL performance than relational databases. Its high performance makes Caché ideal for traditional data warehouse solutions as well as enabling “transactional bit-map indexing” and real-time data analytics.

Ensemble, InterSystems’ universal integration platform, provides the same real-time data analysis capabilities to integrated systems, making it possible to easily build Business Activity Monitoring solutions.

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How InterSystems’ Technology Enables Business Intelligence