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Strategic Priorities for Implementing New Technology in 2020

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In recent years, the sell-side banks operating in capital markets have been investing heavily in innovative technology to cut costs, increase their operational efficiency and to offer the best products to their clients. Those banks that have successfully overhauled their outdated legacy IT systems, have found themselves ahead of the curve and are better able to adapt to volatile markets.

However, there are still some banks who have fallen behind their peers when it comes to adopting innovative technology, which has impacted their agility during times of increased volatility, such as the COVID-19 global economic crisis.

According to our research findings, our respondents ranked clearance and settlement technology 5.12 out of 7 as the most important innovative technology for their organisations in 2020.

The top three priorities when implementing new technology this year were ensuring regulatory compliance which ranked at 5.08, maximising revenue generation and value delivery to their clients at 5.07 and improving operational efficiency across the entire organisation was ranked 3.75.

68% of our respondents are looking for new technology that can seamlessly integrate with their existing technology infrastructure when assessing third-party technology providers. This was closely followed by agility to adapt to new regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance according to 57% and enhancing risk management protocols at 54%.

What are your key priorities when implementing new technology in 2020? Chart

It’s essential that any new technology that has been recently implemented in 2020 will be able to keep up with the ever-changing and complex nature of capital markets regulatory compliance. The last thing the sell-side needs is for their recently implemented and costly new technology, to cause them headaches further down the line if trades and operations aren’t monitored accurately for risk and compliance breaches.

Looking ahead to the future, 28% of our respondents cited Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) as the biggest opportunity for technological innovation for their organisations in the next two to five years. Blockchain/DLT technology came into the fore with the advent and astronomical rise of the Bitcoin digital currency and it’s now being rolled out across multiple industries to enhance the use of data across sell-side organisations.

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