HealthShare Overview - Solutions for Connected Care

InterSystems HealthShare is a family of interoperable products that help organizations around the world provide better, connected care.

Our Vision
The vision behind HealthShare is simple: to support the transformation of healthcare by sharing health information and connecting communities. For this reason, we create and deliver extensible solutions built on our unified health informatics platform, as well as products that enable innovative application development to deliver continuous, incremental value.

HealthShare solutions are designed to capture information, share this information in a meaningful way, help to create understanding of this information, and, ultimately, drive transformative action across organizations and communities.

We design and build HealthShare to:

  • Supply healthcare providers and health plans with timely, comprehensive information to coordinate and manage the health of a population.
  • Support national and regional health exchange and similar eHealth initiatives aimed at creating healthier communities.
  • Simplify and speed the task of building connected, information-rich, non-stop healthcare information technology solutions and services.
  • Rapidly and reliably connect healthcare devices, software, and organizations.
  • Deliver comprehensive patient records and actionable information at the point of care to enhance safety and reduce duplicative services.
  • Facilitate communication between providers, community service agencies, care managers, patients, and families.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance and optimize care processes and outcomes.

Our Promise
We stand behind our products and support. For this reason, all HealthShare products come with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

The HealthShare family of solutions and application platforms includes:

HealthShare Health Connect
An enterprise service bus (ESB) created specifically for healthcare. Health Connect provides integration and interoperability based on global healthcare information protocols and messaging formats. Healthcare enterprises can use it as a foundational health ESB. Software developers can use it to add standards-based interoperability to their own products.

HealthShare Information Exchange
A health exchange solution that makes it possible for healthcare organizations to share health information; to create composite health records for their patients; or to enable interoperability driven applications, such as patient engagement or population health.

HealthShare Patient Index
A patient identity or Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution designed to manage a master list of patients and their demographics. It typically serves as the “source of truth” for patient identity within an integrated delivery network or regional health information exchange.

HealthShare Personal Community
A configurable, white-label, patient engagement solution. It provides patients with an easy-to-understand, comprehensive view of their health information and enhances services such as appointments, refills, communication, and patient education. Personal Community is certified for meaningful use Stage 2.

HealthShare Health Insight
A robust analytics and application platform leveraging HealthShare Information Exchange for innovative, insightful solutions.

Health Informatics Platform
A robust application platform for use by software developers in building connected health applications that are plug-and-play compatible with other HealthShare solutions.