HealthShare Connections News Flash No.7:
Transforming Data into Actionable Insights via Analytics and Digital Strategy

From the Desk of Lynda Rowe:

HealthShare Connections Newsletter 7
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With the advent of the 21st Century Cures Act, COVID-19, and the proliferation of digital data, giving patients digital access to resources and care at their healthcare organizations is at top of CIOs’ priority lists. Providing seamless access to all the digital assets of an organization has changed the architecture and deployment of IT systems. And as such, forward-leaning organizations are creating their Digital Front Door strategy to provide an easy way to engage patients and members.

Michael Marchant from UC Davis, IDC Analyst Mutaz Shegewi, and I had the opportunity to present at HIMSS 2021 on the topic of how organizations can create a Digital Front Door. Mutaz defined the concept of a Digital Front door as, “All the touch points where providers and payers can digitally interact with patients or members to drive better access, engagement, and experiences across the service continuum.” He noted that the emergence of the concept is a convergence of the following IT catalysts: Health IT Evolution, Digital Era Challenges, Next-Gen Emergence, and Intelligence in Action. Alongside these top-of-mind topics for healthcare organizations was the rapid pivot to virtual care because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael followed Mutaz with an overview of how UC Davis has been building their Digital Front Door strategy since 2019, when the 21st Century Cures act led ONC and CMS to unveil parallel interoperability rules. Michael and his team realized that the digital assets of his organizations resided in many different systems, not just the EHR. He provided his vision for the future of how data would be accessed from outside of UC Davis by the 4 Ps: Patients, Providers, Payers and Partners. This set the foundation for using HealthShare, IRIS for Health, and API Manager as the key components of his Digital Front door. The benefits are that anyone coming from the outside, can access data they need, irrespective of its source system. During the Q&A session with Michael and myself, he also noted that APIs will proliferate our ecosystems, and organizations will need the tools to scale as the demand continues to increase.  Michael is confident that UC Davis is well-positioned to provide data to patients and collaborate with provider and payer partners using APIs and HL7 FHIR®.

In this issue of HealthShare Connections, we share how our new HealthShare Analytics Solution can help organizations unlock insights to deliver better, more efficient care to patients. We also go over the key takeaways from the SMITH Consortium roundtable highlighted in the last issue, and share how customers like Greater Houston Health Connect and Hunterdon Healthcare are leveraging HealthShare to turn data into decisions, make information available to clinicians, and more. We also highlight our recent coverage in a Chilmark report, and share two new articles published in partnership with IDC and Gartner. Additionally, we give a brief overview of what to look forward to during the InterSystems Virtual Summit, starting on October 26.

The digital front door is a way to allow patients, providers and payers to access the digital assets of a healthcare organization. It provides a means to enhance patient and member engagement, giving healthcare consumers access to services as well as their data–empowering to have more control over their health and care.

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