Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. ( of Savannah, Georgia makes and sells billing systems to hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Healthpac’s willingness to customize their solution to their clients’ needs has led to a steadily growing list of large sales opportunities. But to compete for those larger opportunities, Healthpac needed to modernize their D3-based “H2003” application. In particular, they wanted a browser-based user interface, and ODBC data access so that the application can be queried by commonly used reporting and analysis tools.

HealthPac“We decided to port our H2003 application from D3 to Caché,” says B. D. “Buddy” Claborn, President of Healthpac, “because Caché provided the easiest way for us to modernize H2003 without throwing away our existing code. Caché is ODBC-compliant out of the box, and it has a number of other capabilities that are simply not available in any other MultiValue environment. Plus, as hard as it is to imagine, Caché is even faster than what we were using before.”

InterSystems Caché® supports MultiValue access to data, the MultiValue query language, and a MultiValue command shell. MultiValue Basic has been completely integrated into Caché’s development environment. It includes a migration utility so that moving an application to Caché should be as easy as porting to any other MultiValue database. After migration, the full array of Caché features is available to MultiValue developers. These include Caché’s advanced object technology, seamless ODBC data access, support for clustered and distributed systems, XML and SOAP capabilities, security

Caché is ODBC-compliant out of the box, and it has a number of other capabilities that are simply not available in any other MultiValue environment.

B. D. “Buddy” Claborn, President
Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc.

Claborn and some of his developers attended InterSystems’ annual developers conference where they learned about the enhancements to Caché that support MultiValue technology. They also had the opportunity to investigate Caché’s other features and capabilities including InterSystems Zen™, an innovative extension of AJAX technology that enables the rapid development of Web applications with rich and highly responsive user interfaces. “So in addition to automatically giving us SQL access to our data, Caché gave us an easy way to upgrade from green screen to a snazzy, and easily customizable, user interface,” Claborn says.

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The migration process began in April of 2007. By the end of May, Claborn was able to demonstrate a prototype of the “H2007” medical billing system to his customers during Healthpac’s annual user group meeting. The response was very positive, and Claborn plans to start deploying the new Caché-based version to his 1,700 current users early in the third quarter of 2007. “I was very impressed with the amount of time and support InterSystems devoted to our project,” he says. “They sent people here to help us with the pilot, making sure it was done in time to show our customers.” Claborn continues: “One of the ways Healthpac has traditionally won and retained business is to go the extra mile for our customers. It’s clear that InterSystems shares that philosophy. The partnership has been tremendous.”

In addition to pleasing existing customers, Claborn expects to win new, and larger accounts with the H2007 medical billing system. “With ODBC access, we can work with standard reporting tools and fit into the architectures in place at larger healthcare organizations. Plus, InterSystems is a stable company, well recognized within the healthcare industry. If you’ll excuse the pun,” Claborn says, “we’ve gained the ‘cachet’ of using an established, mainstream database.”