Healthcare Providers on the March to AI Maturity – An IDC & InterSystems Infographic

Healthcare Providers and AI Maturity Infographic thumbnail
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In this infographic we explore:

  • How healthcare organizations compare to other industries in AI adoption
  • Survey results for AI use-case priorities across the three regions
  • The drivers of AI in healthcare – both strategic and tactical
  • How healthcare organizations are deploying AI across a broad set of use cases
  • The keys to success in AI

Download the Infographic

This Infographic is based on the results of the AI in Healthcare Survey conducted by IDC and sponsored by InterSystems. The survey was fielded in May 2020. A total of 210 hospitals were surveyed across three countries. The sample size for each country is as follows: 105 respondents in the United States, 54 respondents in Germany, and 51 respondents in the United Kingdom. Readers should be aware of the implications of small sample sizes.

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