Like so many facilities of its kind in the United States, Wood County Hospital wanted a clear view of its operations to identify inefficiencies and meet regulatory requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Shortened development timeline
  • Scalability

Electronic information was plentiful but scattered in multiple systems, making it difficult for the hospital to leverage the kind of business intelligence it needed.

None of the dots connected. For example, Wood County couldn’t see trends in its operations or identify bottlenecks in its emergency department. It also couldn’t monitor how patients were being classified under Medicare’s “two-midnight rule,” which mandates that hospital stays must span two midnights to be billed as inpatient services.

Lacking the money and the people to build and maintain an in-house system, Wood County thought business intelligence was beyond its reach.

G2Works_Story_imageBut the 196-bed facility in Bowling Green, OH, found an affordable solution in G2 Works cloud-based analytics platform. Based in Panama City, FL, G2 Works is an InterSystems application partner using HealthShare® as the basis for its Cloud Analytics as a Service.

“When G2 Works shared a vision of what it could provide, I was initially very skeptical,” said Joanne White, Wood County Hospital’s CIO.

In fact, the benefits of moving to the cloud compared with implementing in-house analytics systems are faster deployment and lower costs of ownership. Using the cloud eliminates the need for hardware and software purchases.

G2 Works Cloud Analytics as a Service uses HealthShare to take the data from multiple sources, normalize it, and make it reportable. Combined with the G2 Works visualization framework, HealthShare enables quick development of customized dashboards, which provide a longitudinal view of patient data to deliver easy-to-understand analytics.

“It has been easy for us to bring the data in from various sources and create the dashboard views,” said G2 Works Chief Technology Officer Scott Kahler. “HealthShare gave us the infrastructure that would have taken us 14 months to build.”

With HealthShare, G2 Works can create a prototype within 30 days and move to production in just a few months. “And, with InterSystems technologies, we know we won’t have to rework our infrastructure to make it scale,” Kahler added.

HealthShare gave us the infrastructure that would have taken us 14 months to build.

Scott Kahler, Chief Technology Officer
G2 Works

Since the design of the dashboards and the data they must support vary greatly from hospital to hospital, G2 Works ability to develop and deliver solutions quickly is crucial.

“Flexibility is key to working with our clients,” said Bruce Grambley, G2 Works CEO. “With HealthShare, we can deliver on just about any type of healthcare analysis.”

Today, Wood County has two cloud-enabled application platforms, for emergency department throughput and short-stay management — areas of hospital operations where costs and regulatory requirements are particularly high.

The emergency department platform shows near-realtime analytics on several dashboards, with information such as the wait time to see a physician and the number of patients admitted. Wood County expects that the platform will significantly trim the time clinicians spend gathering information for retrospective reporting requirements.

“We were able to see areas for immediate clinical process improvement,” White said. A color-coded heat map showing staffing needs as a function of time is a key feature in the emergency department application, she noted.

Short-stay analytics help the hospital ensure that it meets the two-midnight rule for insurance purposes. The platform helps Wood County avoid misclassification of patient stays — an error that could result in penalties.

“We’re positioned really well to help deliver what the market needs,” Grambley said. “We have a tremendous amount of technical expertise and are able to do some really cool stuff, really fast, and handle just about any request a client can throw at us.”