We created this white paper to help senior IT leaders and business managers who are evaluating integration software. On the following pages you will find descriptions of thirteen technical selection criteria, and you’ll learn how they apply to Ensemble Rapid Integration Software from InterSystems.

When purchasing any type of enterprise software, it’s important to clearly define your criteria and the important architectural components to consider. But it’s especially important when it comes to integration software. Far from being isolated applications whose strengths or weaknesses will have little effect on other applications, integration solutions (by their nature) are designed to intimately tie heterogeneous applications together. Defining the correct criteria by which to evaluate integration solutions can help organizations identify the appropriate integration solution for their needs, saving time and money while reducing risk.

With the advent of mainstream service-oriented architectures and the proliferation of Web services, many integration and development projects have converged. Existing products and technologies have proven unsuitable for delivering the new breed of solution resulting from this convergence. CIOs and System Integrators are now demanding a comprehensive platform that has the power to handle the full range of integration and composite application development projects essential for the Real-Time Enterprise.

Ensemble is the only integration software to incorporate the functionality of an integration server, application server, high performance object database and a tightly integrated development and management environment in a single, architecturally consistent product. This unique fusion of technologies delivers an application integration platform that provides the power required to integrate the most complex systems with ease and efficiency.

Ensemble enables exceptionally fast integration as well as extremely rapid composite application development. Designed with today’s serviceoriented and event-driven architectures in mind, Ensemble excels at quickly building and deploying new business solutions that leverage the functionality of existing applications, orchestrate new business processes, and integrate data from across the enterprise.

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